The Pioneer 1000 LE is Honda’s sportiest UTV yet, thanks to its powerful, free revving Unicam 8 valve, inline twin engine, dual clutch 6-speed transmission with manual paddle shift and full automatic shift modes, compression adjustable Fox piggyback reservoir QS3 shocks and 62 pounds less weight than the five passenger Pioneer 1000-5 LE.

The 1000 LE’s sculpted front seat offers seating for three. Because it comes with high performance Fox QS3 shocks, the five passenger 1000-5 LE doesn’t come with self-leveling rear shocks like some other Pioneer 1000-5 models.

For now, only the Pioneer 1000 LE and Pioneer 1000-5 LE come with Honda’s I-4WD traction control system. The system automatically optimizes power delivery to the front wheels, so you don’t have to lock the front differential for maximum traction. You still have the option to lock the rear differential or leave it open for delicate turf. I-4WD also provides electronic brake force distribution, which balances the braking force applied to the front and rear brakes to match load and traction conditions.

The 1000 LE also has hill start assist, which momentarily holds the brake to stop the vehicle from rolling back on hills when you switch from the brake to the gas pedal.

The $21,599 Pioneer 1000 LE is the top of the line three seat Pioneer model. The Pioneer 1000 starts at $14,199.

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