Dear Sarge,

I recently tried to install a new Warn winch on my 2019 Honda Talon X. No matter how hard I tried, I could not mount the winch plate to the Talon because of mounting bolt interference. So, I turned to Rough Country for their winch mounting plate to solve my Honda Talon winch installation trouble. I ordered it throug Amazon. When it arrived, I found that I received two driver side mount brackets instead of one driver side and one passenger bracket. So currently I can only mount up the driver side, so the winch is basically useless until I receive a passenger mounting bracket. I contacted Amazon and they pointed me to Rough Country who promptly told me there was nothing they could do for me because I purchased their product through Amazon and not them! Sarge, how can I obtain a passenger side mounting bracket if the manufacturer won’t help me?

Logan Olson

Rainy Junction, Minnesota

Private Oldsmobile,

I wonder where Amazon acquires Rough Country products? Let me guess! Maybe directly from Rough Country! So Boot, since Rough Country doesn’t believe that their products sold by Amazon (who they distributed to, to increase their sales) should be supported, I suggest you re-contact Amazon and have them put pressure on Rough Country to provide you with the passenger side mounting bracket that they didn’t put in the kit you purchased. Stand your ground Marine! And Demand what you purchased! And FYI: this isn’t the only time Rough Country has done this to customers. Apparently, they have a hard time differentiating between left and right mounting brackets in these winch mounting kits. And 50 pushups for you for retreating in the face of opposition! Dismissed!

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