— Good news for project UTV builders —

A 1000cc, four-cylinder, motorcycle engine can easily produce 180 horsepower. That’s why they’ve always been popular motors to install in project UTVs. There is even a class in UTV racing designed for Rhinos with Yamaha R1 street bike engines.

However, motorcycle engines don’t have a reverse gear, which creates a problem when putting them in project UTVs that will be used for normal every-day riding on the trails. Sometimes you have to be able to back up to get out of tight situations. Well, now there’s a way to add a reverse gear to a UTV powered by a motorcycle engine.

Sooner City Machine Works now offers a compact gear case with reverse, designed specifically to install with project builds using motorcycle engines. Here is the info and specs on it they provide:

Reverse Gearbox

The shaft in shaft reverse gearbox is perfect for your project that requires a concentric shaft reverse but with the input and output on the same side of the box, especially when adding reverse to a vehicle that has already been built without reverse.

Dimensions (approx) 12.4″ L x 6.0″ W x 7.4″ H
Weight: 23 Lbs
Forward Ratio: 1:1
Reverse Ratio: 2.14:1
Input Drive: Flat Flange (6) 5/16-24 threaded holes on a 2.50″ BC
Output Drive: 1.25″ – 19 Spline
Torque Limit: 120 Lb-Ft

$1500 plus Shipping ($40 UPS Ground in Continental US)

Options Available:
Input and Output Sprockets
Output Shaft Modifications: Shortening, keying, adding bearing boss
Outboard Bearing Support
Different Shifter Arm Options

Due to options available, gearboxes are not assembled prior to order. If all parts are in stock at time of order, allow 1-2 days for modifications (if necessary), assembly and shipment.

Contact us with any questions or for a detailed quote.

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