How to Choose a Tire for A UTV

A utility terrain vehicle is a performance-oriented machine that is prominent in off-roading use. However, the youth of the new generation love these vehicles for their caliber and strong appeal. Correlatively, the tires of a vehicle are pivotal to maintain substantial control, performance, and mobility. Whether it is a UTV bike or car, you need long-lasting tires. If you don’t have the necessary information on how to choose a UTV tire, we have prepared this guide to help you. If you’re looking to buy tires, then you can check out a platform such as autonerdsreview.

A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Technological advancements have made it possible for UTVs to be rich in features. There is a range of options that you can integrate into your UTV like AC, auto head, stereo, and much more. Nowadays, UTVs are also fully customizable, and the tires are one of the most intricate parts that you can work on.

The default tires you get from the company are known as Stock UTV tires, and these are optimum for standard operations. However, to meet specific requirements such as the cost and weight of the UTV, these are not robust in performance. Thus, if you are looking for a powerful UTV, especially in extreme climatic conditions, then you will most likely have to invest in a credible set of tires. Stock tires are a jack of all trades. As such, they are designed to provide performance in almost any terrain. Unfortunately, this is also their drawback as they are not efficient in performing in any of the landscapes. Thus, people choose to invest in a specialized set of UTV tires.

At the end of last summer, System 3 released the SS360 tire just in time for sand season.

Different Types Of UTV Tires:

According to the terrain, there are different types of tires available in the market.

  • Mud Tires: These are the best choice for areas that have an excessive collection of mud. If the surface has water flow, these will maintain a strong grip. However, these are not ideal for rocky, sandy, or other types of terrains.
  • Sand Tires: These tires seemingly have a paddle-like texture on the wheels that make them best to work in the sandy area. Stock tires can also work well. However, to maintain optimum performance and reduce strain on even the most high powered UTV, sand tires are better.
  • Rock Or Hard Tires: These are designed to withstand the force of bumpy ride on rocky terrain. Most of these come with a rim guard and lugs that are closely packed to prevent rock and stones from penetrating the tires. Optically, these are identical to the tires of a truck. However, these are heavier than the stock tires.
  • Snow Tires: These tires prevent slippage on the tricky snow trail. More importantly, most of these come with excellent lug design for stability and often have predrilled holes to establish a firm grip.
  • Racing Tires: As the name suggests, these are for racing tracks and roads. Often, UTV racing is not just about revving up the engines on a clean road. There are obstacles available in the race, like a cross-racing. Thus, you might need an all-purpose racing tire. In short, these offer exceptional grip, control, and speed. However, these are not suitable for other terrains.
  • All-Purpose Tire: Similar to standard stocks, you get an all-terrain tire that has a similar appeal. The only problem is, much like a jack of all trades, these do not deliver optimum performance. These tires may differ in material composition. However, most of these are a mix of two or three types of tires in one.

Pro-Tip: If you have a UTV to travel a long distance, it is a great idea to buy a pair of each of these types. However, you can also study the climate and geographical conditions of your area to understand the kind of tires to carry with you. Often people of the desert region carry stock and sand tires. In comparison, people in the mountain region carry snow tires with stock tires. It all depends on where do you want to use your UTV.

Let’s Get Into The Technicalities.


A UTV tire has an approximate sizing of 30*10.00R15. However, you can diagnose your perfect pair if you know what these numbers mean.

  • 30 – Accurate height of the tire at perfect operating air pressure (in inches)
  • 10 – The width of the tire at perfect operating air pressure (in inches)
  • R – The construction type of tire
  • 15 – Wheel Size

Construction Of Tire

A UTV tire has a radial or bias-ply construction. The only difference lies between the two is in the way they are manufactured or constructed. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. A radial tire is used for more extended and efficient performance, making them suitable for running for an extended duration without rest. In comparison, bias tires are generally significantly less expensive and offer a smoother ride.

How Long Does A UTV Tire Last?

UTV tires have the potential to serve you for a very long period, provided they are well-maintained. If you have a UTV with an ideal set of tires according to the terrain, then you needn’t worry. However, several other factors can decide the durability and longevity of a UTV tire, which includes the quality of material and its rigidness.

Optimally, you should replace your UTV tires with new ones after 3-4 years of service. You would still have to examine your tires after every trip. Check for uneven lugs, bulging sidewalls, cracked rubber, embedded nails, and punctures. All of these warrant that its time for you to change the tires. Failing tires can very well compromise your driving experience.

Balancing your UTV tires

Balancing your tire does not mean to install them in your UTV optimally. There are other factors, such as the air pressure in each tire. How much load does each side of your vehicle takes is also pivotal to balance your tire. If you manage to maintain impeccable balance, the tires and your vehicle will last longer. Almost every manufacturer of tire and UTV provides a manual for you to determine accurate pressure for your tires for different terrains.

Enjoy Your UTV Ride!

With a proper UTV tire supporting your vehicle, you never have to worry about the functionality and its ability to haul a substantial amount of people or load with a light kit and suitable suspension. Optimizing your vehicle with the best fit UTV tire can assure you to have a whizzing down trails. Keeping yourself well equipped with a specified set of tools, including three tire spoons, a lubricant, valve stem tool, and a safety gear can also assist you in maintaining your UTV tire.

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