Buying a new UTV with a slew of accessories already installed is a great way to finance the whole thing, but you’re also paying dealer installation costs and interest. Besides, you may not decide which plastic or glass windshield best meets your needs until you have spent some time in your new purchase. Many want to save money by doing the installation themselves, especially on something as easy but time-consuming as a glass windshield. Here is how technician Will Pepmeyer installed the full glass windshield (P/N 715004417, $599.99) on a Can-Am Max X3 at Denver’s G-Force Powersports.

Remove the X3’s center-dash cover for the brake master cylinders and fuse box. With your Torx bit, remove the bolts holding down the forward section of the X3 dash.
On the slanted forward lip of the dash, find the two indentations for the lower windshield mounts. With a drill bit, drill out the inner pilot divot on each side for the windshield’s hold-down clasps.
Install the clasps with included Torx fasteners, and reinstall the dash hold-down Torx bolts.
Replace the dash center cover, and the preparation for the two lower side mounts is complete.
Undo all but the rear Dzus fasteners and the forward Velcro straps holding down the roof (if you own an X3 X rs with factory plastic roof). Pull the roof up some and slide the windshield into the lower clasps.
With the lower part of the windshield in place, snap the two lower clasps closed.
Next comes the side clasp mounts. Snap the two clasps closed around the cage on each side of the X3.
To finish off the lower part of the install, press the center-mounting wedge into place.
Will used a stiff foam block to prevent cracking the windshield when pressing the lower center mount into place.
Next, close the Velcro upper-strap mounts around the top cage tube.
Here’s how the top Velcro straps should go through slots in the glass.
With all of the windshield straps secure, reinstall the roof straps and Dzus fasteners, wipe your new windshield clean of fingerprints and enjoy your new X3 windshield this winter!
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