— Step-by-step guide —

In this article we show you how to replace the stock steering wheel on a Polaris RZR with a stronger, more comfortable Assault Industries wheel. The process is similar for most stock and aftermarket wheels, and it’s easy when you know what to do and have the proper tools.

Using a thin flat-blade screwdriver, pry the steering wheel’s center cover up to expose the steering-wheel nut. Masking tape on the screwdriver can prevent nicks on the wheel.
Turn the steering wheel full left. Using the correct socket (26mm for Polaris, 24mm for Can-Am), loosen the steering-wheel nut.
Remove the nut, then turn it back onto the steering shaft a few threads. This lets you free the wheel without removing it completely. Pull the wheel side to side and it should come loose. The nut will keep the wheel from coming off so you can center the wheel with the vehicle’s wheels pointing straight ahead before removing it. If the wheel won’t come free on UTVs without power steering, tapping the steering-shaft nut with a hammer should free it. Striking the steering shaft can damage power-steering units.
If the wheel won’t come free on UTVs with power steering, use a steering wheel puller like this one from Assault Industries. The small screws thread into the wheel, and the large bolt pulls the wheel off the steering shaft as you tighten it. It’s $19.99.
Most aftermarket steering wheels require an adapter. Position the adapter on the splined steering shaft so the steering-wheel mounting screws line up with the wheel centered and the vehicle’s wheels pointed straight ahead. Install the steering shaft nut and tighten it.
Use non-permanent thread-locking compound on the steering-wheel mount screws. Tighten the screws gradually in a crisscross pattern, as with wheel lug nuts. Enjoy your new wheel.



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