We’ve been doing a lot of maintenance lately on machines new and old. This month we changed the oil on our 2020 Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 using Kawasaki’s oil-change kit. We’ve used lots of these types of kits before, but none are as good as this one. Not only does the Kawasaki kit come with the oil and filter you need for the service, it includes a new drain-plug washer, an oil funnel and a pair of Team Green nitrile gloves. Furthermore, the box that includes everything also has specifications and torque specs for every Kawasaki SxS, so there’s no need to pull out your owner’s manual, unless you want to document the date and odometer reading of the latest oil change. We documented with photos and captions how easy it is to change the oil on the KRX, so you can see what it takes before tackling it yourself. Follow along.


It’s not necessary, but we think it’s a good idea to remove the skid plate before starting your oil change. It’s a good time to inspect things anyway, and with it out of the way, you can clean up any spills easily. Our Kawasaki aftermarket UHMW skid plate requires a 4mm Allen to remove it. Warm the engine to help the oil drain.


A 17mm socket gets the drain plug loose. When reinstalling it, tighten to 20 N/m, 2.0 kg/m or 15 pound-feet. Kawasaki’s oil-change kit comes with a new drain-plug crush washer. Use it and throw the old one away.


While you are waiting for the oil to completely drain, this is a good time to inspect the underside of the engine compartment. There is nothing to grease under here, but you can check that the oil pan bolts are tight. You can also check the drain plugs on the coolant lines.

The easiest way to pull the oil filter off is to use water-pump pliers. A small oil-filter wrench would work, too.

Before reinstalling the new oil filter, run a light film of new oil on the O-ring. This will allow you to screw it on hand-tight until it stops, then a half turn more. Officially, it should be tightened to 13 pound-feet.

We use Maxima Contact Cleaner and wipe up the residual oil, or else dirt builds up on it during the first ride. The more oil you allow to drain out prior to removing the filter, the less mess.

The KRX 1000 takes 3.3 quarts of 10W40 for most conditions. Kawasaki’s oil-change kit comes with a disposable paper funnel that works great. Also, the sight glass below the oil fill is accurate and easy to read. Run the engine after adding the recommended amount of oil to fill the filter. Then check the oil level.

Kawasaki’s oil change in a box has specifications and torque specs for every Kawasaki SxS, so there’s no need to pull out your owner’s manual.

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