How to properly haul your toys: The tools to get the job done

The days of folding the front wheel and stuffing your ATC 90 into mom’s station-wagon trunk are gone. ATVs keep getting bigger, and now we’re starting to see a multitude of four-seat UTVs that are bigger than my first pickup. If you’re riding ATVs or some of the smaller UTVs, the back of your pickup might still be a good option with the proper tie-down system and ramps. If you’re hauling multiple ATVs or any of the larger UTVs, then a trailer is going to be a necessity. There are hundreds of different tie-downs and ramps available and just as many trailer manufacturers. We researched some of the best to make your next decision as easy and educated as possible. Here are a few of the ones we would recommend to our family and friends.


ATV/UTV clamping tie-down system features engineered compositeconstructed clamps that easily lock in and out of low-profile mounting plates. The chock/clamps feature raised tire guides to properly align a vehicle, and adjustable tire bars to easily accept any size UTV or ATV tire. The SuperClamp includes a spot for a standard padlock to deter theft. $499,


QuadBoss 2-INCH Swivel Tie-downs These straps bring heavy duty to the next level with 2400-pound tension strength and a patented swivel carabineer hook that will keep the straps from ever getting twisted. Built-in soft straps mean no marring or scratching from the hooks. The 2-inch QuadBoss straps are an extra-long 9 feet, which is handy for reaching the limited tie-down points on today’s UTVs. $45, or your local Tucker Rocky Dealer

Kendon Utility_with_ATVs

Kendon Folding Utility Trailers
The utility trailer is the most versatile workhorse in the Kendon Trailer lineup. This folding ATV trailer has a 6- by 8-foot platform bed with a 2000-pound load rating, unlimited tie-down options and two included loading ramps. The folding trailer will fold up and roll into a garage at only 27 inches deep and 98 inches tall for easy storage. $3129,


Lockstraps Locking Buckle with Soft Straps
Tie-downs used to just be tie-downs, but not anymore. The Lockstrap is the only tiedown that can offer peace of mind while you’re away from your truck or trailer. Lockstraps are 8.5-foot-long tie-downs that feature combolocking carabiners on both ends and a fulllength steel cable inside the strap. The locking carabiners not only keep your ATV or UTV from walking away, but you can also leave the tiedowns locked permanently in your bed or trailer without worry of someone stealing or borrowing them. Lockstraps include a soft strap to keep locks away from damaging or scratching your ATV. Lockstraps can be used to lock just about anything, and they are surprisingly difficult to cut. Standard-issue bolt cutters can clip through a cable lock in mere seconds, but the nylon straps combined with a cable are amazingly difficult to get through. $45 individually, or call (949) 702-5333.


ATV RampXtender
If you haul an ATV in your pickup bed, you’re going to need ramps, and who doesn’t need a little extra space? Whether you drive a short or long bed, an ATV is going to fill it up, and you’ll be looking for contained space for gas cans, gear bags, spare tires, etc. A typical bed extender sits like a three-sided cage on your tailgate, giving you that extra 2 feet of necessary cargo. The RampXtender takes this idea to the next level by easily converting into a pair of 7 1⁄2-feet-long loading ramps with an impressive 1500-pound capacity. The universal kit works with most models of full-size trucks. We can’t wait to put these to use and review them for a future issue. $399,


Aluma Trailers
Aluma is a well-known company that specializes in durable, maintenance-free, lightweight, all-aluminum trailers. From 8.5 feet long to a monstrous 24-foot by 8-foot deck capable of carrying two of the biggest four-seat UTVs at the same time. The biggest Alumas can even haul standard RZRs and other shorter UTVs side-loaded from front to rear. or call (866) 415-3285


Bully dog Triple Dog GT Diesel Gauge/Tuner If you drive a diesel pickup, you want this. Regardless of how many ATVs are being hauled with your diesel, this engine tuner will extract more power and improve fuel economy on your truck. We have used one for two years and saw a big horsepower increase, as well as saved 2–3 miles per gallon—even more if you can keep your foot out of it! The Bully Dog programmer even features a built-in driving coach that, when followed, can show huge mpg gains. The Triple Dog GT also serves as a monitor for all engine and turbo functions, as well as serves as a diagnostic device/code reader. $699,


The Rizerback ATV and UTV rack allows for safe transportation of your ATV, UTV or even dirt bikes in the bed of your truck while recovering nearly 50 percent of the bed space for storage. The simple design of the Rizerback gives you plenty of space to easily store gear bags, gas cans and anything else that you would normally be searching a spot for. As a bonus, the Rizerback also protects your back window from being blown out with your ATV’s winch or bumper. $595,


Pro Taper Swivel-Hook Carabiner with Soft- Loop Tie-Downs
The 1-1/2-inchwide Pro Tape straps use a springloaded, swivel-hook carabiner for a base hook to prevent straps from twisting or coming unhooked. Velcro-secured strap ends and soft loops complement the 7-foot-long Pro Taper straps and are sold in pairs. $35, or call (951) 736-5369


QuadBoss Aluminum ATV Ramp
This is the budget ramp designed to get the job done efficiently, safely and reasonably. A small bi-fold ATV ramp that is designed for smaller ATVs and standard-height pickup beds. The bi-fold is 44 inches wide by 71 inches long and includes vinylcoated tips and safety straps. $155, QuadBoss Aluminum Arched Ramps These ramps are the other end of the spectrum when it comes to QuadBoss ramp offerings. QuadBoss’ top-of-the-line ramp features a 2400-pound load capacity, and each ramp is 18 inches wide by 88 inches long. The arched design provides additional clearance as well as strength. These are really nice folding ramps that are plenty strong enough for loading any UTV or ATV. $480,

MotoGate Carabiner Tie-Down with Soft Strap
Quality tie-down set with a carabiner hook on one end and a soft-strap loop and hook handlebar strap on the other. Very secure, weather-resistant, spring-loaded cam lock at a reasonable price. $30, or call (818) 340-0540 MotoGate Original The MotoGate is a nylon net, adjustable tailgate that can keep all your stuff from slipping out of the truck. It’s the perfect answer when your bike or ATV won’t allow your tailgate to shut and works for securing all sorts of cargo. $60, or call (818) 340-0540 Matrix Concepts M1 Tie-downs Premium tie-down sets with a top soft-loop hook to keep from scratching the handlebars and a bottom swivel carabineer that is spring-loaded to lock on. Double-stitched construction straps with a heavy-duty nylon thread and a heavy-duty steel cam lock with steel spring for a secure lock. The Matrix tie-downs are available in the 1-inch-wide Worx model and a 1.5- inch Phatty series. $40, 1-inch; $50 1.5-inch. or call (661) 253-1592


Extreme Max 8-FOOT UTV Ramp Set
If loading heavy UTVs is what you’re after, this new UTV-series ramp could be just what the doctor ordered—folding aluminum ramps that are heavy-duty enough to load any UTV or even compact tractors and other equipment. The UTV ramp set by Extreme Max has a 3000-pound weight capacity. Remember, when choosing a ramp set for your application, you must account for the driver’s weight as well as the vehicle to be loaded. $338,


MSR Ratchet and Pull Tie-Down
MSR has settled the age-old argument of which is better—pull cam or ratcheting? The MSR tie-downs both have a pull cam for ease and then ratchet for added security. Also features heavy-duty, 1 1⁄2 inches of webbing and a cool MSR labeling area for easy identification. Sold in pairs. $42,

quad carrier_PATH

ATV Joe Hauler
The Joe Hauler is a trailer-less hauling system designed to haul your ATV sideways behind an SUV, motorhome, truck or van. With the Joe Hauler, pretty much anything with a Class III hitch can haul your ATV, and best of all, there is no registration to pay, tires to blow out, or 55-mph trailer towing speed limit. Topping that, it doesn’t require extra skills to back it up. The ATV Joe Hauler uses a simple yet ingenious cam-lock system to keep the hitch secure to the tow vehicle. The motorcycle Joe Hauler has proven extremely popular, and we’ve become very attached to our ATV model over the past six years and thousands of miles. Joe Haulers feature a three-year warranty and can even be ordered with heavier main shafts for additional weight capacity. $750, or call (760) 510-9092


RB Components Trailer Door Cabinet
If you get a slick new enclosed trailer, you are going to need to deck it out with a few goodies from RB Components. The trailer-door cabinet is made from powdercoated aluminum and will neatly hold all your aerosol and oil containers, as well as two rolls of paper towels. $220,


RB Components Multi-Strap Hanger
All-aluminum rack that neatly hangs all your tie-downs inside the trailer. Available in 17- or 26-inch-long models. $33 or $45,


Triton Enclosed Trailers
Triton enclosed trailers come in hundreds of sizes and are chock-full of high-end features. Triton trailers utilize a onepiece aluminum roof, all-aluminum framing, and four-cord rubber-torsion axles for the smoothest towing experience. They are even available up to 18 feet in length with a fullaluminum deck.


Triton ATV Series Aluminum Trailers
Triton offers a huge lineup of lightweight, side-loading ATV trailers. Triton includes welded aluminum ramps that store and lock safely under the deck. Triton ATV trailers feature sealed lights, rubber-torsion axles, and all the other high-end features found on the enclosed trailer line.


Triton heavy-duty Series Car Hauler
If you have to haul more than one UTV at a time, a Triton car hauler can get it done in style. Available with up to 22 feet of deck, and they all come standard with a rear beaver-tail deck and heavy-duty bi-fold ramps with welded support legs. Dual 5200-pound torsion axles and a 10,000- pound GVWR.


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