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Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) are wonderful things, as they help deliver engine power to the drivetrain and automatically vary final drive ratios. CVTs have primary and secondary clutches and variable-diameter sheaves connected by a belt. Basically, as the primary clutch gains revs, it expands with centrifugal force, which causes the belt to act on the secondary clutch and force the sheaves apart. It’s like replacing a large rear sprocket with continuously smaller ones through the rev range for more top speed. The spring-loaded secondary uses a combination of plastic rollers and sliders to facilitate the expansion and contraction of the two sheaves, which, over time, can gall the sheave faces. Also, dirt wears the plastic sliders and can eventually damage the secondary housing, causing the rollers to flat-spot. A sticking secondary blows belts.

On our 2015–2017 Polaris RZR XP 1000s, the sliders (#3514926) are 28 x 13.5mm and the rollers (#3514929) are 9.58 x 28.83 x 13.97mm. Inspection of our 2015 XP1K showed galling and roller wear, so we set out to rebuild and upgrade the secondary. This procedure will also apply to those installing a CVT clutch kit with a different secondary spring.

With your RZR clean and dry, place it on level ground and in park. With a flexible-drive extension and 8mm socket, loosen the CVT-duct hose clamp. With a 10mm socket, remove the duct-support bracket, and hook the duct in front of the shock.


Remove the 8mm-head CVT cover bolts and place them in a container with the 10mm duct bolt. Rotate the rear of the CVT cover up to clear the shock and remove. We replaced the sliders on 2016+ and 2014–2015 RZR XPs.


Newer XPs have square sliders; 2014–2015s have rollers. Using the OEM CVT spreader tool, force the secondary sheaves apart and rotate counterclockwise to remove belt.


Our impact driver wasn’t strong enough to break loose the 15mm bolt, so we held the secondary with a long screwdriver against the radius rod and loosened the retainer bolt with a pry bar.



Polaris sliders and rollers are $25 to $30 apiece, so Hunterworks made a replacement kit with high-grade exotic plastic that is impregnated with a substance that is five times slicker than Teflon. The rollers have tighter tolerances than the injection-molded stock rollers, which are loose on the shaft. They’re tested to 400 degrees with no deformation and CNC-manufactured in the USA.

Prices are $60 for the secondary roller kit and $65 for the 2016–2017 secondary roller conversion kit. Both have four high-lubricity rollers and pins, enough for two rebuilds.

Remove the secondary and clean and inspect the shaft. We blasted the secondary clean with compressed air and marked the inner sheave and helix cover at the Xs with a Sharpie. Carefully remove the four #35 Torx screws; they were installed with blue Loctite.


Remove the ASM-cam helix, spider and spring.


Here’s the flat-spotted rollers we took out of the 2015 RZR XP1K and replaced with Hunterworks lubricant-impregnated rollers.


With a pin punch, drive the spring-slotted pins out of the two roller pins. We did it from the backside, so we could pull the pins and roller pins with pliers.


Here’s the Hunterworks 2016–2017 upgraded roller on the roller pin with new spring-slotted pins next to the OEM slider.


The roller pins have flat spots, and one side has a beveled hole to accept the spring-slotted pin easier. Push the roller pin and line up the holes; we used a flashlight. Drive in the new spring-slotted pin, and repeat on the other side.


We had to drive the top-hat bushing out of the main bearing to fit the secondary on the press and compress the clutch spring. Thread the Torx screws in by hand and tighten in a cross-hatch pattern. Replace the top hat.


Place the rebuilt secondary on its shaft and replace the 15mm bolt. Torque to spec and use the OEM clutch tool to spread the sheaves, and then walk the belt onto the secondary, rotating counterclockwise. Work the CVT cover back into place and install the fasteners, duct, duct mount and hose clamp. Enjoy!


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