— It’s actually pretty easy to do —

Wear items such as tires, CVT belts and brake pads, if in good working order, can improve any ride you go on. All three of these components are subject to abuse from bad driving habits and the nasty terrain we like to take UTVs through. While tires and belts are on everyone’s minds, the UTV’s brake pads should not be ignored and are very easy to replace. Here’s a quick step-by-step showing how easy it is to do the job yourself on a RZR XP 1000.

1.) With the tire removed and all components cleaned of mud and dirt, you want to loosen the small Allen hold-down set screw in the caliper first.
2.) A 15mm socket will loosen the caliper from the caliper bracket. You will need a Universal Joint or Swivel Joint for one of the bolts. This is the case for both the front and rear brakes on a RZR.
3.) With the caliper out of the way, inspect the rotor for large dings or deep scratches. Depending on how abused the component is, you can clean them up with an abrasive pad.
4.) Push the pad pin back about a quarter inch, just enough for each pad to slip off. The pad pins and caliper pistons need to be completely cleaned for good operation. Any stuck-on mud or corrosion could affect the function of your new brakes.
5.) Now, depending on how worn the pads you’re removing, you will need to push the caliper pistons back so the new, thicker pads will fit. This is easy to do with a small C-clamp keeping an eye on the fuild levels as you do this. If you get the measurement close, you can slide the reinstalled pads snuggly over the rotor without the need to bleed the brakes. However, if your ride is over two years old, you should replace the fluid and bleed the entire system anyway.

For the RZR XP 1000, you repeat the same steps on all four corners. For this job we used DP’s sintered brake pads, which they claim will last two to three times longer than stock. After 1300 miles our stock pads weren’t metal to metal yet, so we expect the DP products will last for many years to come. The DP Brakes have been working better than stock and are so far squeak-free. Visit to find a dealer. 



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