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Step by step instructional articles about UTVs. We cover how to maintain vehicles, install parts, and solve problems. These stories are meant to help you better understand your UTV and give you the confidence to tackle some of the work on your own.

Top 40 ATV Tips-Sept’99

There are three approaches to 4×4 maintenance. We won’t even discuss the “Ride ’til It Breaks” approach. A much better approach is to follow your ATV manual’s recommendations. Unfortunately, however, the manuals are often difficult to understand, and they can contain information that’s not all that valuable or applicable.An even better approach is to rely […]

Waterproofing Your ATV-April’00

Water can be your enemy, boot. If you don’t drink it, wash in it or flush it, consider it a hostile force. Got that? Water is a carrier. Water permits the easy access of foreign agents like dirt, mud and sand into your zooter. If you don’t reinforce your outer perimeter, you will have a […]

Easy Decibel Check-August’00

Eventually, your loud ATV engine will cause you problems?and not only in the form of permanent hearing damage. Many off-road riding areas are starting to crack down on excessive noise. If you ride a stock ATV, you’re almost certain to fall within the acceptable limits. But if you’ve done any intake or exhaust mods?including something […]