Can-Am has had great racing success over the past few years, starting each year dominating overall podiums at the Dakar Rally in January and then moving to California for the King of the Hammers in February. Ohio’s Kyle Chaney and Texas’ Miller brothers have dominated KOH UTV podiums the past three years, and their battles have continued in the Texas UTV race series, which Can-Am has increasingly supported after two years of all-X3 series podiums.

Cody Taylor holeshot the first of four Outlaw Pro races of the weekend.

After the first-ever Texas Outlaw double-header at the 2021 finals, the 2022 $275,000 Can-Am Texas Outlaw Series held the first of three double-header weekend rounds at Texplex Park in Midlothian, and the Outlaw Series owner Brian Adkinson announced at the Round One driver’s meeting that Can-Am would be paying non-Pro entry fees for Can-Am racers at later Texas Outlaw rounds to show appreciation for their successes. At the first round, there were 98 entries despite cold and windy weather with a threat of rain for Sunday.

Code St. Peter (63, left) had a perfect weekend, going 1-1 both rounds in Youth 250 Limited Stock 5-8 and Youth Outlaw.

Thanks to Cross Kirchmeier, those 98 racers faced an all-new short course for the first two rounds, with the course direction reversed and the 2020-2021 first and subsequent turns eliminated. Cross moved a lot of dirt to add and reroute existing sections to create an all-new challenge, and the new course even had a step-up double that claimed several victims over the weekend. Also new for 2022, the introduction of the Polaris two-liter Pro R called for a name change from the premier Pro Turbos to Outlaw Pros, with many other class-name changes down to Youth Outlaws.

Cross Kirchmeier redesigned the Texplex short course for the double-header and went 2-3 in Pro Stocks over the weekend.

Pro NA 1000s are now Pro Stocks, and defending Pro NA 1000 champion Ronnie Anderson and runner-up Kainan Baker were not amongst the Pro Stock field, along with several other west-based racers. That could be because Adkinson is forming the 2022 Can-Am Outlaw Series West with four UTV, ATV, and Dirt Bike rounds for 2022 and a total purse of $100,000. The four rounds will pay $2,000 for Pro UTV Outlaw and Pro Stock wins, $1,000 for each second-place Pro finish and $500 for third. Pro ATV payouts are $1,000, $500 and $250, while Pro 450 bikes get $1,500, $1000, and $500 per round. End of year payouts are $7,500 for Pro UTV and bike championships, $3,000 for second, $2,000 for third, $1,000 for fourth, and $500 for fifth. Pro ATV year-end payouts are $4,000 for the championship, $2,500 for second, $1,500 for third, $750 for fourth and $500 for fifth.


1. Aug. 26-28…Iron Mine MX/Cedar City, UT

2. Sept. 30-Oct. 2…Honolulu Hills/Taft, CA

3. Oct. 21-23…Outlaw Ranch/Mesquite, NV

4. Nov. 18-20…Outlaw Ranch/Mesquite, NV


Chase Carr raced his second and third Texas Outlaw Pro Stock rounds in Dylan Lemburg’s RS1, which broke an A-arm shortly after this photo was snapped.


The new Pro Outlaw season started with three of the four Texplex Can-Am X3s out front, but it was Cody Taylor leading defending champion Cody Miller and brother Hunter. Taylor held tough while Hunter worked to get around Cody, and then Hunter went to work on the leader. Hunter made the pass late in the race for the win, while Taylor held off the champ for second. The champ couldn’t get his X3 to rotate like he wanted, so he brainstormed with George White and others and made some changes before the lap-longer second race. The fourth yellow jacket-themed Texplex X3 was Ben Fournier instead of Kyle Chaney, who had taken second at the SxS Sports Arctic Derby the weekend before, so it was a Can-Am sweep of the first four Outlaw Pros.

Texplex is Miller country with Hunter taking the 2020 Pro Turbo title and Cody taking the crown in 2021.

Cody Miller put the #1 Pro Outlaw X3 out front for the second race, having gotten the handling he needed, and he won the second moto handily, but Hunter finished second to take the Round One overall. Taylor took third for the final podium spot, and Kory Willis recovered from a bad first moto to take fourth in the race and fourth overall from Jordan Berza (Pol).

Collin Truett was the Texas Pro NA 1000 champion for 2020, and he went 1-1-1-1 in his Pro Stock RS1. We featured it in the May 2021 issue.

In Pro Stocks, 2020 champion Collin Truett was on a mission after finishing fourth in 2021 points, and he put his RS1 into the lead when the green flag waved and gapped the field for the win. Chase Carr took up hot pursuit and was dogging Truett on the second lap after getting by Nick Burnham, but his RS1 snapped a front A-arm after the step-up and his race was done. Cross Kirchmeier (Hon), who was third in 2021 series points, moved up from a bad start to take over second from Koen Crawford (Yam).

Koen Crawford (right) and Eddie Ensign (95) made Truett work for his wins.

Earlier at the driver’s meeting, Adkinson announced new rules for vehicle weight and post-race tech inspection. All Pro UTVs had to weight at least 1650 pounds with driver and had to go directly to the tech scales immediately after each race. If a crew member or anyone even approached the top three cars, they would be disqualified. That ended up biting Eddie Ensign, who passed the early Pro Stock leader Truett and went on to win the race. Truett couldn’t catch Ensign’s Talon, and Cross couldn’t get by the 2020 champ to take the overall. After the DQ, Truett had a perfect 1-1 day with Cross going 2-2 and Crawford going 3-4 to round out the podium.


Round Two Outlaw Pros saw Cody Miller jump out front with Cody Taylor second and Hunter fourth, but Hunter would get past Ben Fournier and Taylor. Bro Cody held Hunter off for the first-race win. Hunter turned the fast-lap of the first race with a 02:27.575 to Cody’s 02:27.804 on Lap 4. In the second race, Hunter jumped out front with Cody fourth behind Taylor and Kory Willis. The champ was held to fourth to the midway point, then he pressed hard to pass Willis and then Taylor for second. Cody turned a 02:27.098 on the white-flag lap but came up 2.5 seconds short of Hunter at the checkers for the second Hunter-Cody Miller 1-2 of the weekend.

Strong winds most of the weekend dried out the track in places but blew dust off quickly.

In Pro Stocks, Truett led every lap of the first Sunday race with Crawford second and Ensign third in early laps, but Ensign would get by for second. Collin turned a 02:29.628 on the last lap to win by almost seven seconds over Ensign with Crawford third and Chase Carr fifth. Carr nailed the lead in the second Pro Stock race and held off Truett for three laps, but Collin was not to be denied. He again turned the fastest lap on the last lap, a 02:30.260, to win over Carr by 2.585 seconds. Cross Kirchmeier was third, but Carr’s 5-2 was better than Cross’ 4-3 for the overall, making it an RS1-RS1-Talon podium.

The Outlaw Pro podium was the same both rounds with Hunter Miller on top, but they didn’t spray each other with champagne until Sunday.

With Hunter Miller winning both Outlaw Pro rounds and Cody second, Hunter leads Cody 80-74 with Taylor third with 70. In Pro Stocks, Truett has a perfect 80 with Cross Kirchmeier second with 72 and Chase Carr third with 68. The only other double-header winners on the weekend were Terry Lackey (Pol) in 40+ Stock, Landyn Poppert (Pol) in 900 and Under, Code St. Peter (Pol) in Limited Stock 250 5-8 and Youth Outlaw, and Easton Helms (Pol) in Stock 170.


Round 1: Midlothian, TX

Pro Outlaw UTVs

1. Hunter Miller/C-A…1-2

2. Cody Miller/C-A…3-1

3. Cody Taylor/C-A…2-3

4. Kory Willis/C-A…6-4

5. Jordan Berza/Pol…5-5

6. Ben Fournier/C-A…4-6

Pro Stock 1000s

1. Collin Truett/Pol…1-1

2. Cross Kirchmeier/Hon…2-2

3. Koen Crawford/Yam…3-4

4. Nick Burnham/Pol…5-5

5. Chase Carr/Pol…9-3

6. Jacob Geisendorff/Hon…4-8

7. Shawn Hess/Hon…7-6

8. Curtis Kirchmeier/Hon…8-7

9. Eddie Ensign/Hon…6-DQ

Outlaw Experts

1. Austen Dinger/C-A…2-1

2. Shane Lewis/C-A…1-2

3. Donovon Willis/C-A…3-3

4. Mickey Schroeder/C-A…4-4

5. Aaron Cuevas/C-A…6-5

Stock Experts

1. Cruz Birchard/Pol…1-1

2. Luke Safrit/Pol…2-3

3. Jaden Lindamood/Pol…4-2

4. Mark DouglasHon…3-4

5. Bella Birchard/Pol…5-5

Vet 40+ Outlaws

1. Robert Murkofsky/C-A…1-1

2. Chris Donald/C-A…2-2

3. Todd Anders/C-A…3-3

Vet 40+ Stock

1. Terry Lackey/Pol…1-1

2. Mike Buccafusco/Yam…2-2

3. Austin Sides/Yam…3-3

Outlaw Amateur

1. Cutter Kight/Pol…1-1

2. Trent Allen/Pol…2-2

3. Chris Donald/C-A…3-3

Stock Amateur

1. Blake Helms/Pol…2-2

2. Kamber Kirchmeier/Hon…1-3

3. Garret Wheat/Yam…3-4

900 and Below

1. Landyn Poppert/Pol…1-1

2. Mason Douglas/Pol…2-2

3. Lincoln Smiley/Pol…3-3

LTD Stock 12+

1. Riley Cadenhead/Pol…1-3

2. Cohen McKesson/Pol…3-2

3. Tyler Hicks/Pol…2-4

Youth Outlaw

1. Code St. Peter/Pol…1-1

2. Becker Chase/Pol…2-2

3. Brylee Lutz/Pol…3-3

Womens Stock

1. Payton Dowdy/Pol…1-2

2. Michelle Kocurek/Yam…3-1

3. Liz Ramirez/Pol…2-3

Youth 250 9-12 LTD Stock

1. Becker Chase/Pol…1-2

2. Dexter Warren/Pol…4-1

3. Jennifer Owens/Pol…3-3

Youth 250 5-8 LTD Stock

1. Code St. Peter/Pol…1-1

2. Harper Willis/Pol…2-2

3. Grayson Poppert/Pol…3-3

Stock 170

1. Easton Helms/Pol…1-1

2. Paxton Shamblin/Pol…2-2

3. Heston Hess/Pol…3-3


Round 2: Midlothian, TX

Pro Outlaw UTVs

1. Hunter Miller/C-A…2-1

2. Cody Miller/C-A…1-2

3. Cody Taylor/C-A…3-3

4. Kory Willis/C-A…4-4

5. Ben Fournier/C-A…5-5

5. Jordan Berza/Pol…6-6

Pro Stock 1000s

1. Collin Truett/Pol…1-1

2. Chase Carr/Pol…5-2

3. Cross Kirchmeier/Hon…4-3

4.  Koen Crawford/Yam…3-4

5. Eddie Ensign/Hon…2-8

6. Nick Burnham/Pol…7-5

7. Jacob Geisendorff/Hon…6-7

8. Curtis Kirchmeier/Hon…9-6

9. Shawn Hess/Hon…8-9

10. Brock Lawson/Pol…10-10

Outlaw Experts

1. Donovon Willis/C-A…1-1

2. Mickey Schroeder/C-A…5-2

3. Robert Murkofsky/C-A…4-3

4. Shane Lewis/C-A…3-4

5. Austen Dinger/C-A…2-6

Stock Experts

1. Landon Safrit/Pol…1-2

2. Cruz Birchard/Pol…3-1

3. Luke Safrit/Pol…4-3

4. Reese Harris/Hon…6-4

5. Aaron Cueves/Pol…5-5

Vet 40+ Outlaws

1. Todd Anders/C-A…1-1

2. Chris Donald/C-A…2-2

3. Pablo Gimenez/C-A…3-3

Vet 40+ Stock

1. Terry Lackey/Pol…1-1

2. Austin Sides/Yam…2-2

3. Byron Mowery/C-A…3-3

Outlaw Amateur

1. Trent Allen/Pol…2-1

2. Cutter Kight/Pol…1-2

3. Nick Collins/C-A…4-3

Stock Amateur

1. Kaden Isabella/Pol…1-2

2. Kamber Kirchmeier/Hon…4-1

3. Kyle Beddow/Yam…3-3

900 and Below

1. Landyn Poppert/Pol…2-1

2. Mason Douglas/Pol…1-2

LTD Stock 12+

1. Landyn Poppert/Pol…1-1

2. Riley Cadenhead/Pol…2-2

3. Cohen McKesson/Pol…3-3

Youth Outlaw

1. Code St. Peter/Pol…1-1

2. Becker Chase/Pol…2-2

3. Brylee Lutz/Pol…3-3

Womens Stock

1. Holly Mulligan/Pol…1-1

2. Payton Dowdy/Pol…2-2

Youth 250 9-12 LTD Stock

1. Jennifer Owens/Pol…2-1

2. Becker Chase/Pol…1-2

3. Dexter Warren/Pol…3-3

Youth 250 5-8 LTD Stock

1. Code St. Peter/Pol…1-1

2. Tucker Berza/Pol…2-2

3. Grayson Poppert/Pol…4-3

Stock 170

1. Easton Helms/Pol…1-1

2. Paxton Shamblin/Pol…2-2

3. Heston Hess/Pol…3-3

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