Texplex Park hosted the ninth round of the $200,000 Texas Outlaw UTV Racing Series, and there were 126 entries with 11 Pro Turbo contenders and 7 Pro NA 1000s. Round 7 Pro Turbo winner Ronnie Anderson dominated the first Turbo heat ahead of Cody Taylor (C-A) and Cody Bradbury (Pol) in his hybrid Turbo S with Pro XP power train. Cody Miller won the second wave ahead of brother Hunter and Kory Willis, and Cody turned the fastest lap of the heat, a 02:35.205. In Pro NA 1000s, Kainan Baker led every lap and turned a 02:39.686 on his way to the Heat 1 win ahead of Anderson and Koen Crawford (Yam). Defending Pro NA champ Collin Truett had a nasty crash with Koen Carwford and damaged his transmission on his RS1.

Defending Pro NA 1000 champion Collin Truett had a bad crash and had to change transmissions, only to DNF and drop to fifth in points.

Ronnie, Kainan, Shawn and the rest of Truett’s competition helped him swap transmissions minutes before the main, and he jumped into the lead for a couple of laps before his car broke again. Baker took over the lead, while Anderson moved from fourth up to second. Momentum was on Ronnie’s side, and he got past Kainan before the midway point. Cross Kirchmeier (Hon) settled into third, but he didn’t finish heat 1, so Shawn Hess got third overall in his Talon with a 4-4.

Hunter Miller scored his third Pro Turbo win of the season and closed to 24 points of brother Cody with two rounds to go.

In the Pro Turbo main, Cody Miller jumped into the lead ahead of Cody Taylor and Hunter, who quickly took over second from Taylor with Anderson fourth. Both Taylor and Anderson dropped out of the race with mechanical problems. Cody pulled a slight lead but Hunter gained about a half-second a lap, and then Hunter used the revised split lane at the finish line to take over the lead. Hunter clicked off the fastest lap of the day, a 02:34.451 at the white flag, and won by 1.4 second over points leader Cody with Willis another six seconds back.

Ronnie Anderson won the Pro Turbo first heat but over-jumped the hip jump in the main and dropped out with a broken carrier bearing.

In amateur UTV racing, Rusty Pipes (C-A) had a great day, scoring wins in both 40+ Vet Turbos and Expert Turbos. Rusty had to fight in Expert Turbos, winning the first heat ahead of Brock Hanmer (Yam), Cord Behrens (C-A), and Manny Esquivel (C-A). Donovan Willis (C-A) took the lead in the main but Esquivel took over and was never passed back. Pipes closed on Willis, and the two battled over second, with Willis passing Pipes on the last lap. Pipes took the win with a 1-3 to Manny’s 4-1.

Rusty Pipes was on rails and won both the 40+ Vet Turbos and Expert Turbos.

In 40+ Vet Turbos, Ryan Tewksbury (C-A) won Heat 1 over Pipes and Trey Thorton (C-A). Trey took the early lead in thesis-lap main while Tewksbury and Pipes battled over second. Pipes got by both  Tewksbury and Thorton on the third lap and checked out, winning by almost eight seconds. His 2-1 took the overall, beating Tewksbury’s 2-1 and Robert Murkofsky’s 4-3 for an all Can-Am podium.

Chase Carr made the trip form Canyon Lake, California, town the NA 1000 Experts with a 1-1 day in his Carr One RS1.


Texplex Park, Midlothian, TX

Turbo UTV Pros

1. Hunter Miller/C-A…2-1

2. Cody Miller/C-A…1-2

3. Kory Willis/C-A…3-3

4. Jordon Berza/Pol…4-4

5. Cody Bradbury/Pol…3-5

6. Ronnie Anderson/Pol…1-DNF

7. Cody Taylor/C-A…2-DNF

8. Collin Truett/Pol…4-DNS

9. Corbin Leaverton/Pol…DNS-DNS

10. Kyle Chaney/C-A…2-DNF

N/A UTV Pros

1. Ronnie Anderson/Pol…2-1

2. Kainan Baker/Pol…1-2

3. Shawn Hess/Hon…4-4

4. Cross Kirchmeier/Hon…DNF-3

5. Koen Crawford/Yam…3-DNF

6. Collin Truett/Pol…5-DNF

7. Jacob Gerken/Yam…DNS-DNS


After 9 of 11 rounds:

Turbo UTV Pros

1. Cody Miller/C-A…211/5

2. Hunter Miller/C-A…187/3

3. Kyle Chaney/C-A…152

4. Kory Willis/C-A…147

5. Ronnie Anderson/Pol…126/1

N/A 1000 Pros

1. Ronnie Anderson/Pol…195/3

2. Kainan Baker/Pol…189/4

3. Cross Kirchmeier/Hon…170/1

4. Shawn Hess/Hon…145

5. Collin Truett/Pol…141/1

Alyanna Baker also had a perfect 1-1 showing in Women’s Expert in her ultra-trick RS1.


1. Midlothian, TX…PT C. Miller/C-A, PS R. Anderson/Pol

2. Midlothian, TX…PT C. Miller/C-A, PS R. Anderson/Pol

3. Midlothian, TX…PT H. Miller/C-A, PS K. Baker/Pol

4. Midlothian, TX…PT C. Miller/C-A, PS K. Baker/Pol

5. Midlothian, TX… PT H. Miller/C-A, PS K. Baker/Pol

6. Midlothian, TX…PT C. Miller/C-A, PS C. Kirchmeier/Hon

7. Midlothian, TX…PT R. Anderson/Pol, PS K. Baker/Pol

8. Midlothian, TX…PT C. Miller/C-A, PS C. Truett/Pol

9. Midlothian, TX…PT H. Miller/C-A, PS R. Anderson/Pol

10. Nov. 6…Midlothian, TX

11. Nov. 7…Midlothian, TX


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