After racing the WORCS races for several years on dirt bikes, Donnie Bales thought it would be fun to try the UTV class. However, he noticed that half the cars often couldn’t finish a race, so he held off. When Honda came out with the Talon sport UTV, he figured Honda quality would give him the reliability he wanted for racing. With his IMG Talon WORCS racer, his main goal was to race the Talon, but he also wanted a machine that was fun to take to the desert or hit some trails.

Donnie Bales wanted a reliable machine he could race and enjoy for trail rides. His mildly modified Honda Talon became more fun and more comfortable for both.


Donnie wanted to keep the Honda engine basically stock for reliability, but being a racer, he couldn’t leave it alone. He added HMF’s Performance Series dual full-exhaust system. Dynojet’s Power Vision 3 supplied the tune that took full advantage of the free-flowing exhaust.

HMF’s Performance Series dual full-exhaust system and a Dynojet Power Vision 3 pull more power from the Honda engine without internal modifications.


UTV racing can often be a contact sport, so Bales had IMG Motorsports make the Talon WORCS racer more impact-resistant. Heavy-duty bumpers and a heavy-duty cage make it battle ready.  IMG also added PRP harnesses, window nets and the CBR radiator relocation setup. IMG also handled the final assembly on the car to make sure everything was race-ready.

A CBR radiator relocation system improves cooling and keeps the radiator out of harm’s and roost’s way.


After one race, Donnie found the suspension was in need of tuning the stock adjusters couldn’t deliver. He enlisted the help of Race Tech to give the Honda a plush ride. Race Tech re-valved the stock shocks to offer more compliance and better bottoming resistance on big, high-speed impacts.

The 30×10-15 Arisun Aftershock tires on Raceline Ryno beadlock wheels keep the Talon rolling through the brutal terrain of WORCS racecourses.


Thanks to the HMF dual exhaust, Donnie Bale’s Talon WORCS racer growls the moment you turn the key. The improved power lets it ignore the extra weight of the stronger cage, bumpers and larger than stock 30-inch Arisun tires on Raceline Ryno beadlock wheels. The Honda’s broad, usable power is still there with more top-end pull.

IMG Motorsports’ race cage and Honda Accessories doors ready the vehicle for whatever racing and aggressive play riding can throw at it.

Smoother, more capable suspension makes the race-prepped Honda more comfortable and easier to control at low and high speeds. The re-valved suspension and larger tires both contribute to the Talon’s more comfortable ride. This mildly modified Honda has become the reliable race machine Donnie wanted. Also, it’s a more comfortable, capable machine for play riding on trails and in the desert.


IMG Motorsports

Race Cage and rear bumper $2995

Front Bumpers $299

General Assembly $3000

PRP Harness Seat Belts $139 x 2

PRP Window Nets $500 custom window nets and mounts 

CBR Radiator Relocation set up $1000

Race Tech

Suspension- Re-Valve and Set up…$800

Factory UTV

UHMW Skid Plate   $508

XTC Power Products

3 Light Switches $6.95 a piece

Honda Talon Driver Side Switch Plate $24.95

Honda Talon Plug & Play Busbar Accessory $59.95

Baja Designs Lighting

Honda Talon Headlight Kit  $1094.95

XL Racer Edition, Pair High Speed Spot  $789.95

XL Pro, Pair Wide Cornering LED $698.95

RTL  30” Light Bar  $499.95

Raceline Wheels & Tires

Wheels: Raceline Ryno’s 15×7 4/137 bolt pattern 5+2 offset $852

Tires: Arisun Aftershock 30×10-15 8plys $740

Rugged Radios

M3 Two Person Pumper with Hoses & Variable Speed Controller $486


Power Vision 3 -Flash Performance tunes via OEM diagnostic connector  $399.95

HMF Exhaust

Performance Series Dual Full Exhaust System $899.95

San Diego Powder & Protective Coatings

Powder Coating of all metal Pieces   Prices vary on size, shape and colors.  

Roll Cage $325  

Doors      $90  

Bumpers   $100 

Chaparral Motorsports

Honda Accessories Race Doors $749.95

Honda Accessories Nerf Bars $412.95

DeCal Works

Custom Decals – Custom one off- -contact for pricing  

All Balls Racing

Axles and other part    Prototype – production coming soon

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