Hard bottoming, especially in the dunes, may not be your suspension’s fault. Many UTVers spend big money on revalving and springs but still experience harsh, abrupt bottoming without bottoming out the suspension. How? You are more than likely casing the frame. Why is that? It really comes down to the geometry of the rear suspension and the tire size. Many tire sizes, whether dirt or paddles, run short of the true size. Once you air them down they really shrink in diameter. So now instead of bottoming out the suspension, you are actually hitting or “casing” the frame. Desertcraft’s “Shock Candy” shock stops help eliminate that problem by slightly reducing the overall travel of the shock at bottom out by bringing the bottoming bumper into play earlier. The result is a much plusher feel as you enter bottom out and added ground clearance at full bottom out so you don’t case the frame. Shock Candies come in three shaft sizes 1/2″ (5/8″)(purple), 3/4″ (yellow) and 7/8″ (red) and are available for all vehicles based on shock shaft sizes for $24 from Desertcraft,, 760-955-1409.

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