ITP Tenacity XNR tires are ITP’s latest tire offering and its first 10-ply radial. The tire is available with a steel-belted radial ($230) or as a nylon radial ($210). The tire has the profile of a light truck tire, but is designed to fit UTV-specific wheels and perform better in the dirt. We tested the XNR on our X3, mounting it on a 7-inch-wide wheel with a 5-2 offset.

At 12 psi, traction was abundant on all surfaces. The tires are so tough, we don’t think you will ever need to bring a spare.


We tested the tire in the Mojave desert in a mix of hardpack trails, sand and rock. The first thing we noticed was the added traction. Even in our dry conditions, the tread pattern seemed to glue itself to the trail. The tire went in the direction it was pointed, and sliding was very predictable. In slower sections of solid rock, the Tenacity tire gripped like sandpaper. Since these tires were 10-ply, we aired them down to 12 pounds all the way around. The lower pressure did well in the sand, too. On the downside, the tires are heavy. The complete package doubled the rotating weight at each corner; however, it only affected handling on high-speed, rough trails where the tires would give a lot of feedback through the suspension and steering. At slower speeds, it was a nonissue. If you want to drive fast and have upgraded suspension and steering, these tires are a great choice.


If you are looking for a super-tough tire that gives you the ultimate in traction for slow-to-medium trail riding, the Tenacity tire will deliver. Furthermore, in our 100-mile test, it proved to be so tough that we don’t think you even need to carry a spare.


RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $210

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