ITP Tires’ Blackwater Evolution

ITP Tires’ Blackwater Evolution is specifically designed for all-around performance on a UTV in general trail riding, loose-to-hard conditions, roots, ruts, rocks, woods, desert and light mud. It’s a non-directional, eight-ply, all-terrain radial available in 25-, 26-, 27- and 30-inch sizes for 12-inch rims, and  27-, 28- and 30-inch sizes for 14-inch rims and in 30x10R15.

This UTV and 4×4 tire has a load rating of 1000 pounds, and the eightply construction also includes Sidewall Armor to protect the vulnerable shoulder area from penetration to avoid flats. It also has an all-new “tough tread” rubber compound for abrasion resistance and long life. Our take is that it’s sort of a cross between an all-terrain Terracross and Mayhem mud tire.

We mounted the 27x9R12 front and 27x11R12 rear Evolutions on beadlock wheels for the RZR XP 900 and did the initial testing at the Race Around the Lake covered in this issue. With the tire’s thick bead area, the beadlock rings wouldn’t sit flush with the wheel, so we torqued each bolt to 150 inch pounds and set tire pressure at 10 psi, front and rear.


The Race Around the Lake has a wide variety of terrains, including black clay mud, sandy forest loam, hardpack, asphalt, concrete, sand and turf. The course had been heavily watered for the day’s racing, so the pre-run and parade lap were especially muddy. The Blackwater Evolution hooked up well and had excellent side bite in corners, and it cleaned out well. Traction in the woods section was also excellent, and it did well in the sand section too. On smooth concrete, the Evolutions wandered a bit more than the Dirt Commanders on our S 900, but the Blackwaters were very predictable. We also did several more sweep laps during the day as the course dried out, and the Blackwater Evolutions stayed hooked up throughout. They even kept their edge despite abuse on the tarmac parking lots and root-infested woods sections.

Ride quality and traction are excellent with the 27-inch Blackwater Evolution tires, and they’re showing little signs of wear in continued testing. We’re really impressed with the smooth ride yet aggressive cornering. They’re more aggressive than most OEM rubber, and they hook up well on a wide range of soils and conditions, including desert hardpack covered with fine silt to light mud. These radials rock, and there are sizes for every 4×4—from Sportsman Aces to high-performance 1000s.


CONTACT: Call (909) 390-1905; see or your local dealer
RATING: ★★★★★
PRICE: $205.37–$288.69 ($237.02, 27x9R12; $260.17, 27x11R12)

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