Kawasaki’s stellar Teryx KRX 1000 is UTV Action magazine’s UTV of the Year, and Kawasaki supports the new KRX with a slew of high-quality accessories. One such offering is the Kawasaki KQR KRX 1000 Premium roof, which comes in green or black to match the two KRX color choices, plus blue or white to match the Special Edition’s colors. We got the green one to match our Lime Green 2020 KRX.


The KQR Premium roof is a high-quality hard roof that is contoured to hug the KRX ROPS cage and keep sun, rain and flung roost out of the cabin. The painted roof has a semi-clear center section to let light into the cabin and screened logos for style. It attaches to the KRX cage with eight quick-release, vibration-free mounts for tool-less removal or installation in minutes. The KRQ Premium roof is also designed to work with KQR windshields, rear panels, and/or upper doors for full-cabin enclosure or to stand alone.

Eight cam-lock clamps securely fasten the KQR premium roof to the KRX 1000 cage, and the clamps have rubber grip pads and locking levers for rattle-free rides.


The KQR Premium roof is made of thick polycarbonate plastic with an applied paint/screen layer and very thick gel coat for a slick, deep finish. The eight cam-lock buckles are thick plastic lined with rubber traction pads; levers on steel loops cam-lock each mount, with a lip in the body to lock the lever in place. Mounts are bolted to the roof with counter-sunk fasteners.


KRX 1000 owners who want a premium-quality, great-looking roof.


The KQR Premium roof is a slick-looking unit with great quality of workmanship. The eight mounts securely attach it to the KRX cage at the front, back and sides, and they absolutely do not let the roof move, rattle or vibrate. It hugs the cage well and has spoilers for aerodynamics. Kawasaki recommends that the roof be removed if towing in an open trailer with the rear of the KRX facing forward, but we think the trailer tires would fail before the mounts at high speeds.


We have driven the KRX 1000 in California’s desert, Utah’s dunes and West Virginia’s mountain trails, and the KQR roof is impressive at keeping out the sun and rain, despite there being no channels for runoff. Mounts are solid, secure and rattle-free, yet they release quickly. The screened, semi-clear center section filters the light from above but does let some in; too much in the hot, bright summer months. Those wanting a solid roof with no sunroof can opt for the KQR Sport and save $190, but the Sport roof isn’t as stylish or aerodynamic. Mud riders will also want Kawasaki’s wide fender flare kit ($499.95) and mud flaps ($49.95), as flung mud gets in between the roof and doors.

CONTACT: www.kawasaki.com

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $499.95

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