Dear Sarge,

We just purchased a 2022 Kawasaki KRX4 and at the time of purchase, we felt we were pressured to immediately purchase an extended warranty. We were told that if we didn’t that in the future we could not obtain one. My wife felt this sales pressure was unreasonable and we left the Dealership with just the KRX4. I believe that we should have been able to purchase an extended warranty anytime before the factory warranty expires. She believes that the extended warranty offered was an aftermarket extended warranty, but she can’t remember the exact company. Sarge, what should we have done in that situation?

Sam and Tara Larson

Emporia, Kansas

You definitely should continue listening to your better half Boot, especially with regard to KAWASAKI KRX WARRANTY QUESTIONS ! Dealers sell extended warranties because they make more money on the sale of a new Zooter. Now a Kawasaki Zooter Dealer is required by the Dealer Agreement to offer the factory extended warranty over an aftermarket extended warranty. AND Boot, you do not have purchase the extended warranty at the time of sale. And it might have been interesting to recite chapter and verse of the Kawasaki Dealer Agreement that states they HAVE to offer the Factory extended warranty even though they would make less money selling the Kawasaki warranty over an Aftermarket policy! As far as when you can purchase an extended warranty, you have any time up until the factory warranty expires as you thought. High pressure sales techniques have no place in Zooter sales. And you might want to let the owner know that their salesman’s high-pressure sales tactics, in violation of the Kawasaki Dealer Agreement by offering an Aftermarket extended warranty over the required Kawasaki extended warrenty, has potentially lost a good customer in the future. Unless of course that salesman’s actions were sanctioned by the owner to increase revenue. In that case have your wife research other area Dealers because after the bad experience you had with your selling Dealer, if you do have a problem in the future, you may not get favorable treatment with any warranty problems as in calling the regional factory representative on your behalf to get coverage for a repair. Your Dealer’s salesperson owes me your PT! Dismissed!

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