Dear Sarge,

I have a 2017 Teryx 4 with a Superatv 6″ lift. The problem I am having is that my belt will overheat and start to separate and break if I drive at high speeds for any length of time. I have tried installing a used 2014 clutch assembly but I still have the same problem. If you could provide some insite ‘cause I am tired of replacing belts every 10 miles!

Jerry Peterson

Vermillion, South Dakota

Private Peter Pan, Your KAWASAKI TERYX BELT PROBLEMS are caused by heat! And lots of it! You didn’t mention if you are running larger than stock tires on the Teryx or not, but with a 6” lift I suspect you are. GBoost and EPI have kits to tune your clutches for maximum belt life and performance. Even with stock tires, check these areas on your Teryx. First thing to check is the CVT air intake, Is it clear? Next is the exhaust. Is it clear? 3rd is make sure there aren’t any belt shreds in the sheaves. The clutches must be clean, clear of debris and operating properly for best belt life . 4th, replace the ’17 intake with a ’12 intake. Why? Well Boot, because the ’17 sucks air from the top of the engine, while the ’12 gets its air from under the dash that is usually cooler. 5th, invest in an infrared belt temperature gauge from Razorback Technology, here: https://www.razorbackusa.com/gauges. If #4 doesn’t cool the belt sufficiently, then #6, install an inline CVT Case fan, here: http://www.stmpowersports.com/kawasaki-teryx-clutch-housing-blower-kit/. That is worth 15 – 20F. Gates Belts has done a heat study on CVT belt life vs heat. At 120F, a belt should last approximately 190 hours. At 160F, it will last 80 hours. At 200F, it will last 35 hours and at 240F, it will last just 15 hours. Imagine what your belt temperatures are! Since you are getting plenty of PT (and frustration) changing belts, you are Dismissed!

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