Kawasaki is not keeping everything secret about their 2020 UTV set to be revealed on October 7th.  Just today we discovered paperwork has been submitted to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) that states the machine’s model name, transmission type and horsepower figures. This info along with early patent drawings floating around showing a trailing arm rear suspension really put all the peices together. About the only thing we don’t know is how many cylinders the machine has. 


We know it’s going to be a Japanese quality 2-seater similar to a RZR with Kawasaki’s tough CVT system, putting out 112 horsepower through 999cc’s. So it’s safe to say this first model does not have a turbo. From our knowledge of the brand and previous Teryx models, you can expect the machine to be tough with great attention to detail and we can’t wait to get our eyes on the real thing. 

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