Last month we brought you a look at the different types of helmets appropriate for UTVing. From open-face and shell helmets all the way to full-face, air-pumper and communication-equipped helmets, one is right for you. Could it be the Klim R1 Air helmet?


Klim’s R1 Air is an affordable helmet that can be used with or without a communication system or air pumper. It comes with one full clear shield, a drop-down smoked shield to block out glaring sun, an air port and a dust skirt. The R1 is DOT approved and sells for $199.99.

At $199, this DOT helmet has more features for the price than any other we have tested. For $350, you can get it pre-wired with speakers and a microphone from PCI Race Radios at www.pciraceradios.com.


Sizes range from small/55 to XXL/64. The helmet has a poly shell with a moisture-wicking liner that’s soft on the face. Removable cheek pads make cleaning easy and facilitate the installation of a communication system. We installed a UTVCom.com setup using the adhesive-backed speakers and hot glue on the microphone boom. Everything stuck perfectly, and the liner/pads snapped back into place. The chin strap is a quick-release ratchet style, and a second shield slides down, offering more protection from the sun. It doesn’t get in the way of sunglasses. We wish it were a tad darker.

The new colorway for 2021 is gloss black with lime green logos.

Paired with the Klim Stowaway jacket, the outfit can make any ride, sort or long, as comfortable as possible.


The XL sizing we chose was spot-on. The helmet is snug, and there’s absolutely no movement of the helmet on your head when bouncing through rough terrain. The eye port is big and clear, and both lenses can be deployed, even with thick gloves on.

We liked how the dust skirt was zippered into place along the bottom edge of the helmet. Most helmets use glued-on Velcro that wears out eventually or scratches your neck.


There’s no other air-equipped helmet with so many features for this price. Plus, adding communications was a breeze. We tested the R1 on a week-long ride, having to put it on and pull it off multiple times per day. The interior held up very well and stayed comfortable all day long. It was an easy decision to give the helmet a five-star rating. The only issue is if you have a lower cage on your car, you might wish the helmet were available with a side-mounted air inlet. We think it looks good and works great in all conditions.

See UTV Action’s guide to UTV helmets here: https://utvactionmag.com/choosing-the-right-utv-helmet/

CONTACT: www.klim.com, (208) 552-7433

RATING: ★★★★★

price: $199.99


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