America’s richest UTV racing series held its second round of eight this spring, and the racer turnout was huge with 25 Pro Turbos, 15 Pro NA 1000s, and 63 Youth 170s. There were 225 total entries, and the MAO track had received several changes. Instead of a downhill land-rush start, races started in the short valley below and shot up what was originally the second uphill to a huge, banked first turn and back down into the valley in front of the spectator hillside. Several jumps were massaged and reshaped, and a couple were eliminated. The forecasted rain storm didn’t happen, so water trucks had to fight dust on the extremely rocky circuit.

If there has ever been a cooler driver’s meeting, we didn’t see it. MAO put on a taco feast Friday night, along with DJ music and dancing after the meeting.

MidAmerica Outdoors has a two-race format for each class with the first heats split into waves of up to ten racers and scored separately to determine starting order for the second heats. Pro classes have longer second motos, and all second races have all racers starting at once. With 25 Pro Turbos, that meant three waves, and Kyle Chaney won the first wave with a fast-lap of 01:57.869. Round 1 winner Scott Champion was second and rookie Pro Ryan Tewksbury was third. Zach Beavers won Heat 2 over Kory Willis, while Kainan Baker and defending champion Cody Martin fought over the Heat 3 win. Baker won the heat by a mere 0.309 seconds, and all were in Can-Am X3s.

MAO is laid out in a river valley near the Grand Lake of the Cherokees, and there are millions of sharp rocks. Jeb Bootle armed his Pro Turbo YXZ1000R accordingly.

In Pro NA 1000s, Kylar Holcomb (Yam) jumped out front of Heat 1 and won ahead of Brock Lawson (Pol), while Collin Truett turned the fast-lap of the race, a 02:01.157, to win Heat 2 ahead of Jeb Bootle (Yam). Defending champion Kainan Baker was hot on Holcomb’s tail early in Heat 1 but got into a heated battle with Brock Lawson and sustained a left-rear flat. He lost the tire completely on hairpin hill and kept racing, and his rim came apart as he limped to sixth.

Texplex 2020 Pro NA 1000 champion Collin Truett is showing great speed, and he topped the Pro NA 1000s at MAO’s round two.


Defending MAO Pro NA champion had a bad first heat due to a flat, but he was second in the second heat.

Holcomb and Truett jumped out front of the Pro NA’s second race, and they were side-by-side going into the second turn, as Bootle bicycled in third and had to steer out of it. Lucky for Bootle there was a gap because Ray Barnes and two others got together behind him. Truett took the lead and had a 13-second gap on Holcomb at the end of the second lap. Baker had to contend with the chaos and dust as he worked through field, and he got by Holcomb for second before midway. Baker whittled Truett’s lead down to 12.4 seconds at the checkers, while Bootle zapped Holcomb for third in the race on the last lap.

Overall, Truett’s 1-1 was good for the overall and points lead, and Bootle’s 2-3 gave him second overall over Holcomb and his 1-4. Baker’s 6-2 was good for fourth, but he heads to the third round trailing by 5 points.

Kyle Chaney had a bad first round, but his Round Two Pro Turbo win leap-frogged him to second in points.

Pro Turbos were the last race of the weekend, and Chaney put his first gate-pick to good use, grabbing the HMF Performance Holeshot award. Round 1 winner Champion was second ahead of Martin on the start, but Martin got by on the third lap and set out after Chaney. Kyle set the fast lap of the weekend at the midway point, a 01:55.524, and gained almost a second a lap on Martin. He won by 8.190 seconds over Martin with Champion another 2.5 seconds back. Willis bicycled early in the race and worked up from fifth to fourth. The second moto top three was also the overall podium, and Champion’s third overall was good to keep the points lead.

Defending Pro Turbo champion Cody Martinand Scott Champion tied in 2021 points, and they battled hard both motos. Martin held off the 2022 points leader for second.


Battles have raged in every class, and only Cody St. Peter and Chad Mayo are undefeated. St. Peter has won both rounds of 170 Mod and 170 Limited (6-8), while Chad Mayo (Pol) has won both Vet 40+ NA rounds. Mayo had to work for the win, racing to a 2-1 to beat Terry Lackey’s 1-2. Rusty Pipes won the Vet 40+ Turbos with a 1-1 score, but he DNF the second Expert Turbo race, along with six other racers. Bree Seek and Josey Watkins made two podiums in their RS1s, with Watkins topping the Amateur NAs over Seek and Seek fighting back to win the Women’s NAs over Josey. The two Womens’ classes raced together, with Lacy Tewksbury taking the overall win in her X3.

Carson Vail topped the Expert NA 1000s with a 1-1 day.


Round 2: Jay, OK

Pro Turbos

  1. Kyle Chaney/C-A…1-1
  2. Cody Martin/C-A…2-2
  3. Scott Champion/C-A…2-3
  4. Kory Willis/C-A…2-4
  5. Kainan Baker/C-A…1-6
  6. Jeb Bootle/Yam…3-5
  7. Ryan Tewksbury/C-A…3-7
  8. Allen Corbin/C-A…4-8
  9. Zach Smith/C-A…4-9
  10. Daniel Kelly/C-A…4-11

Pro NA 1000s

  1. Collin Truett/Pol…1-1
  2. Jeb Bootle/Yam…2-3
  3. Kylar Holcomb/Yam…1-4
  4. Kainan Baker/Pol…6-2
  5. Shawn Hess/Hon…5-5
  6. Ray Barnes/Pol…4-6
  7. Jacob Geisendorff/Hon…3-7
  8. Eddie Ensign/Hon…4-8
  9. Michael Dunnagan/A-C…5-9
  10. Brock Lawson/Pol…2-DNF

Expert Turbos

  1. Mickey Schroeder/C-A…1-1
  2. Austin Braden/C-A…2-3
  3. Kaleb Edmonds/Yam…1-4
  4. Ian Heln/C-A…4-2
  5. Christopher Smith/C-A…2-5

Expert NA 1000s

  1. Carson Vail/Pol…1-1
  2. Sean Philbin/Pol…1-3
  3. Alyanna Baker/Pol…3-2
  4. Lake Edwards/Hon…2-4
  5. Luke Safrit/Pol…1-5

Amateur Turbos

  1. Lee Knowles/C-A…3-1
  2. Sean Murphy/C-A…2-2
  3. Justin Moore/Pol…1-3
  4. Jason Nicholas/C-A…2-6
  5. Cooper Stewart/C-A…6-5

Amateur NA 1000s

  1. Josey Watkins/Pol…2-1
  2. Bree Seek/Pol…1-2
  3. Waylon Whorton/Yam…1-3
  4. Dakota Medlin/Yam…2-4
  5. Ashleigh Rowden/Pol…3-6

Women Turbos

  1. Lacy Tewksbury/C-A…1-1
  2. Kendra Hoop/C-A…2-2
  3. Benna Nye/Pol…4-3
  4. Morgan Vanover/C-A…3-4
  5. Marissa Smith/C-A…5-5

Women NA 1000s

  1. Bree Seek/Pol…1-1
  2. Josey Watkins/Pol…3-2
  3. Haley Bootle/Yam…2-3
  4. Holly Mulligan/A-C…1-4
  5. Shayleigh Broeker/Pol…2-6

Vet 40+ NA 1000s

  1. Chad Mayo/Pol…2-1
  2. Terry Lackey/Pol…1-2
  3. Mike Buccafusco/Yam…1-4
  4. Todd Remmereid/Pol…3-3
  5. Rick Shroeder/Yam… 2-5

Vet 40+ Turbos

  1. Rusty Pipes/C-A…1-1
  2. Harley Hollan/C-A…3-2
  3. Sean Murphy/C-A…2-3
  4. Robbie Ellis/Pol…4-4
  5. Perry Mahanay/Pol…5-5

Youth 1000s

  1. Carson Vail/Pol…1-1
  2. Jace Leach/Pol…3-2
  3. Kryton Jordon/Pol…2-4
  4. Ty Lueckemeyer/Pol…1-5
  5. Carter Caraway/Pol…5-3

170 Mod

  1. Code St. Peter/Pol…1-1
  2. Kennedy Singleton/His…3-2
  3. Kaden Gramm/Pol…2-3
  4. Karmyn Gaines/Pol…3-4
  5. Waylon Coats/Pol…2-5

170 Stock

  1. Kayden Vanover/Pol…
  2. Rossi Thomas/Pol…
  3. Karson Summerfield/Pol…
  4. Weslyn Coats/Pol…
  5. Carson Hill/Pol…

170 LTD (9-12)

  1. Case Beehan/His…1-1
  2. Kennedy Singleton/His…1-2
  3. Anson Caraway/Pol…2-3
  4. Paxton Yoshimoto/Pol…3-4
  5. Damien Shamblin/Pol…3-5

170 LTD (6-8)

  1. Code St. Peter/Pol…1-1
  2. Tanner Thompson/Pol…1-2
  3. Luke Anderson/Pol…2-3
  4. Camden Ledbetter/Pol…3-4
  5. Bentley Fagan/Pol…3-5

MAO Pro Points/Wins

After 2 of 8  Rds

Pro Turbos

  1. Scott Champion/C-A…73/1
  2. Kyle Chaney/C-A…63/1
  3. Jeb Bootle/Yam…61
  4. Zach Beavers/C-A…57
  5. Ryan Tewksbury/C-A…57

Pro NA 1000s

  1. Collin Truett/Pol…75/1
  2. Kainan Baker/Pol…70/1
  3. Kylar Holcomb/Yam…66
  4. Jeb Bottle/Yam…56
  5. Jacob Geisendorff/Hon…56
  6. Shawn Hess/Hon…56


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