Can-Am Off-Road factory racer Kyle Chaney rocked the 2021 Can-Am King of the Hammers UTVs, crossing the finish line first and claiming the top spot on the podium. Chaney’s blazing victory marked the second triumph in a row for a Can-Am Maverick X3 at the toughest single-day race in the world. Completing the course in a total time of 3:47:49, Chaney was followed by Can-Am drivers Cody Miller and Phil Blurton, securing a second brand podium sweep in a row for King Of Hammers UTVs.

“Well, we just won the King of the Hammers! It feels awesome! My co-pilot Scott and I worked together all day, didn’t make any mistakes, and everything went smoothly. I wanted to get in the rocks in the top three, and we did. We just stayed smooth the rest of the way and brought her home. The Can-Am Maverick X3 was awesome. That machine impresses me, it just keeps impressing me. It never lets me down,” said Kyle Chaney.

Can-Am Maverick X3s swept the podium with Chaney leading Cody Miller and Phil Blurton.  Chaney has been on a roll, winning $10,000 earlier in the week at the Toyo Desert Challenge and now earning $25,000 by winning the UTV King of the Hammers. Last year, Chaney was on a different kind of roll, dislocating his toes and breaking his foot when his UTV rolled off a cliff and onto him.  Despite that adversity, he still managed to finish second in 2020, giving the competition a glimpse of what sort of resolve they should expect from the Ohio-based racer.


“I wanted to make it through the desert loop” Chaney confessed. “It had a bunch of nasty chop in it and I knew making it through that part of the course was going to be key today. I knew I could get through the rocks. But the desert was going to be tough. I knew we could bring it home.” Chaney completed the 121-mile course in just three hours and 47 minutes. The course started with a desert lap that combined tight, twisty ridge lines mixed with high-speed lake beds.  From there the difficulty level ratcheted up as the competitors had to traverse brutal rock-crawling trails including Jackhammer and Bender Alley; trails that challenged both team and machine.

Cody Miller, 2020’s fast qualifier and brother of last year’s UTV winner Hunter Miller, came in second place, finishing just under 12 minutes behind Chaney. “I was headed up Jackhammer and I saw Kyle coming down and I knew at that point that he had a very serious lead,” Miller said at the finish line. “We pushed really hard but couldn’t catch him.” The Millers are relatively new to rockcrawling and King of the Hammers, but have taken to the unique race. The two Texans have a long history racing for Can-Am, winning championships in GNCC and WORCS in the past.  “King of the Hammers is just a great team event,” Miller explained. “You know, a lot of the races that we run are just the driver versus the driver. Out here it’s the team versus the team. All the way from the pits to the passenger seat. It’s a major group effort. And it just brings everyone together and it’s such a good family environment.”

Phil Blurton was second at the end of the first desert loop but later suffered two flats, and he lost his jack after the first tire change. He ran 32-inch tires, feeling 35s would be too much load on the drive-line. Chaney and Miller ran 35s.

Phil Blurton rounded out the podium, a follow up on his third-place finish from last year and his second-place finish at the Toyo Desert Challenge B2 vs B3 Grudge Match this past Saturday. “There’s nothing like it,” Blurton answered when asked about King of the Hammers. “You know, about every two weeks we’re racing somewhere different and this race is just so unique. You’re in the desert doing 100 miles an hour and then you’re in the rocks doing three miles an hour and next thing you know you’re stuck on the rocks and out of the car winching. It is a combination of everything.” Blurton finished 19 minutes back from Chaney, losing valuable time when he got a flat tire and discovered that his jack had flown off the car. “We had to pull up on a rock to get the tire off the ground and get it swapped out.”

Winner in 2018 and 2019, Mitch Guthrie, Junior was seventh in 2021.

Finishing just off the podium was second generation racer Ronnie Anderson with his older brother RJ navigating.  The brothers made it to the very last turn of the race when they caught a rut and barrel rolled their  RZR Pro XP Turbo three times.  Fortunately, the two were unharmed, and still managed to cross the finish line under their own power.  The top ten also included fast qualifier Jay Shaw in fifth (driving Hunter Miller’s winning car from 2020), two-time winner Mitch Guthrie Jr in seventh place, and 4400 driver Jason Scherer in ninth.

Sara Price broke a front knuckle in Jackhammer, and she helped Casey Currie change an axle while her copilot helped competitors winch over the harder line. Casey finished 20th, and Sara was 33rd.

B3 (UTV) Vs. B2 (Class 10) Desert Race Results

Chaney and Miller raced their Can-Ams with 35-inch Maxxis Liberty tires in the 4400 KOH race and finished 11th and 12th against V8s with 40-inch tires.

KOH 4400 Race Results

1 4448  RANDY SLAWSON 29 3/7:1:17.378
2 82  JP GOMEZ 1 3/7:10:18.268 09:00.9
3 83  RAUL GOMEZ 9 3/7:35:34.018 34:16.6
4 13  BAILEY COLE 18 3/8:5:29.389 04:12.0
5 25  VAUGHN GITTIN JR 23 3/8:16:53.935 15:36.5
6 46  RUSTY BLYLER 40 3/8:19:42.700 18:25.3
7 21  ERIK MILLER 20 3/8:29:44.888 28:27.5
8 81  LEVI SHIRLEY 12 3/8:38:39.275 37:21.9
9 966  JASON BLANTON 61 3/8:40:01.986 38:44.6
10 35  BAILEY CAMPBELL 33 3/8:41:46.588 40:29.2
11 76  JASON SCHERER 2 3/8:44:16.386 42:59.0
12 191  KYLE CHANEY 21 3/8:48:45.959 47:28.6
13 190  HUNTER MILLER 16 3/8:49:27.320 48:09.9
14 67  LOREN HEALY 7 3/8:51:14.677 49:57.3
15 5  SHANNON CAMPBELL 13 3/9:1:16.178 59:58.8
16 41  JOSH BLYLER 17 3/9:25:43.198 24:25.8
17 27  JON CAGLIERO 30 3/9:29:24.202 28:06.8
18 210  GREG ADLER 31 3/9:36:32.745 35:15.4
19 54  RON PRINDLE 22 3/9:51:38.029 50:20.7
20 4  CHIP MACLAUGHLIN 28 3/9:58:35.001 57:17.6
21 906  TAD DOWKER 38 3/10:14:30.849 13:13.5
22 221  CODY MILLER 11 3/10:31:21.756 30:04.4
23 98  JORDAN PELLEGRINO 14 3/10:39:17.090 37:59.7
24 999  KEVIN WILLIAMS 47 3/11:4:57.166 03:39.8
25 53  JEFF WAGGONER 25 3/11:41:28.856 40:11.5
26 4215  ERIC MIRAMON 44 3/12:7:49.182 06:31.8
27 4468  JOHN WEBB 46 3/12:11:17.247 09:59.9
28 308  JAMES MAHONEY 79 3/12:16:27.056 15:09.7
29 72  HUNTER SPARROW 59 3/12:20:31.410 19:14.0
30 1982  TOM GILPIN 57 3/12:27:56.215 26:38.8
31 4434  KEVIN YODER 50 3/12:28:18.769 27:01.4
32 59  ERIC WICKS 42 3/12:48:56.203 47:38.8
33 4472  DUSTIN ISENHOUR 58 3/12:52:02.764 50:45.4
34 792  KRIS WICKS 64 3/12:57:47.767 56:30.4
35 49  MATT BURKETT 60 3/13:1:11.501 59:54.1
36 24  ZANDY WILEMS 45 3/13:9:56.052 08:38.7
37 97  JEREMY HAMMER 75 3/14:47:04.371 45:47.0

Past winners of KING OF HAMMERS UTVS

2020- Hunter Miller/C-A

2019- Mitch Guthrie Jr./Pol

2018- Mitch Guthrie Jr./Pol

2017- Shannon Campbell/Pol

2016- Blake Van De Loo/Pol

2015- Mitch Guthrie/Pol

2014- Mitch Guthrie/Pol

2013- Mitch Guthrie/Pol

2012- Mitch Guthrie/Pol

2011- Brandon Schueler/Pol

2010- Mitch Guthrie/Pol

2009- Mitch Guthrie/Pol

In a race that requires winching over large boulders, Anthony Yount soloed in his RS1 and finished 12th, ahead of former winners Shannon Campbell and Mitch Guthrie Senior.



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