The Texas Outlaw UTV Series held its Texas Outlaw 12-Hour UTV race at Texplex Motorsports Park in Midlothian, along with Mini UTVs, Open UTV 6-Hour, and Open 3-Hour. Utilizing Texplex’s Woods and UTV Short-courses to make a long 15.5-mile loop, promoters laid out an off-road course that had Pros turning in 21-plus minute lap times.

The frigid early-morning start saw teams warming up with a foot-race to their UTVs.
CJ Greaves’ CJ TR Racing team took the early lead but would be knocked off of the Pro podium by Team Hess Honda. Photos by Harlen Foley and Dirt Nation.

Instead of a mass land-rush start or waves of starts, 12-Hour participants lined up on foot and raced to their UTVs, and they couldn’t leave until they had put their helmets on and strapped in. That spread out the field right away, with Pro and Sportsman RS1s of CJ Greaves TR Racing and Team 177 in the lead. Greaves had left longtime sponsor Yamaha for Polaris and made the trek from Nebraska to race for the $20,000 winner’s purse.

Team Texplex Can-Am took 1-2 in the Pros with Hunter Miller (190) topping newly-crowned Texas Outlaw Pro Turbo champion Cody Miller.

Texplex Can-Am teammates Hunter Miller and Kyle Chaney Finished the first lap in 13th, while fellow teammates Cody Miller and Cody Taylor were 5th on the first lap. Shawn Hess was 11th at the end of the first lap in the Hess Honda Talon. Their lap times were in the high 24s as they learned the course, and Team Cody #221 was up to 3rd by the fourth lap. Team Miller Bros #190 dropped to mid-22-minute laps and was in the lead by the end of Lap 6. Hunter and Kyle led the rest of the race, dropping to a 22:47.117 on Lap 22 of 33. Team Cody turned the fastest lap of the race, a 21:46.202, on Lap 20. Team Cody also turned in 33 laps and finished second, almost 20 minutes behind Kyle and Hunter.

By the time night fell, the 12-hour teams had learned the 15.5-mile course well.

Team CJ TR ran third most of the race, but the Hess Talon got by them on Lap 32 to fill out the podium. The Honda and RS1 teams were the only two to finish 32 laps, and fifth turned in 30 laps. For their efforts, Kyle and Hunter split $20,000, Cody Miller and Taylor split $7,500, and Shawn Hess, Cross Kirchmeier, and Eddie Ensign took home $4,000.

Cruz Birchard, Chase Carr and Travis Sallee topped the 12-hour Sportsman race and made $4,000.

Cruz Birchard, Chase Carr, and Travis Sallee of Team West Coast Motorsports made the trek from California to win the Sportsman 12-hour for Polaris ahead of Dinger Off-road Racing and Wasz Racing. Lacy Tewksbury and Rachel Cheatwood won the Women’s 12-Hour over All Balls Racing and the Madams of Mayhem. In all, 77 teams competed in the 12-Hour and shorter races, and the 2022 Texas Outlaw 12-Hour will be at Texplex Park on December 10th.


Midlothian, Texas

Pro UTV 12-Hour

1. Hunter Miller/Kyle Chaney/Miller Bros Racing Can-Am

2. Cody Miller/Cody Taylor/Team Cody Racing Can-Am

3. Shawn Hess/Cross Kirchmeier/ Ed Ensign/Hess Honda EZR Racing

4. Tyler CJ Greaves TR Racing Polaris

5. Kevin Cesar ARD Autosports Yamaha

6. Mitchell Dwight Lankford Racing Can-Am

7. Dustin Bill All Things UTV Can-Am

8. Brian Don Kyle Brian Stone Racing Can-Am

9. Matt David Team Hecker Can-Am

10. Robert Brain KE Lankford Racing Can-Am

Sportman UTV 12-Hour

1. Cruz Chase Trav West Coast Motorsports

2. Austen Cord Don Dinger Offroad Racing Can-Am

3. Brian Scott BLA WASZ Racing Yamaha

4. Drew Holdefer/Can-Am

5. Bella Shelby CA West Coast Motorsports

Womens UTV 12-Hour

1. Lacy Rachel Bay Crown Offroad Women Can-Am

2. Shay Ren Katie All Balls Racing Polaris

3. Manday Annalee Madams of Mayhem Polaris

Open 6-Hour

1. Ryan Jubal Manu Crown Off-Road Men Can-Am

2. Cory Terry Chad Graphics Guys 265 Yamaha

3. Kevin Cole DKC Team 1 Polaris

4. Cole Wuellenweb JBC Utility Racing Can-Am

5. Michl Jordon Nat DKC 2 Polaris

Open 3-Hour

1. Allen Butler Polaris

2. David Davey Boy Racing Can-Am

3. Patrick Edwards Plymouth JBC Can-Am

4. Chad Cory Terry Graphicc Guys 187 Yamaha

5. Angel Fontanez Yamaha

250 Production

1. Suzanna Butler Polaris

Youth 250 9-12Limited Stock

1. Kyle Kulda Polaris

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