Dear Sarge,

I presently purchased a leftover 2018 John Deere Gator. While I would like to have got a 835, I bought the 590 because of the narrower track. My trails, and where we sometimes ride, wouldn’t fit an 835. By the time I purchased poly doors, roof, windshield, front bumper, and winch, I most likely could have purchased a Honda Pioneer for less! But anyway we are a John Deere family so John Deere it is! Now to the machine’s problem, I have three shocks leaking. I talked to the Dealer’s Service Flunky and he stated they all do that! Really? Also the parking brake has needed to be adjusted several times. It seems the cable is stretching. Then the gear shift cable snapped. So, if this Gator was yours Sarge, would it be painting rocks on the Parade Grounds or counting off 50?

Larry Jordan

Cazenovia, New York

Boot, I am of the opinion that YOU should be painting rocks on the Parade Grounds! There is a recall on the Gator’s leaking shocks and most people I have talked to are getting higher quality Fox shocks! If you are stretching and breaking cables it is generally a misuse problem. The cables should be regularly lubed with DriSlide® which will promote smooth operation. And if the cable breaks, either the cable end pivot is frozen, working the cable sideways or the cable is being tensioned beyond its design parameters. Here is an owner’s manual for your Zooter Boot: http://manuals.deere.com/omview/OMM175791_19/?tM=HO. Service manuals can be purchased on Ebay any day of the week Boot! Now it is your turn to count off 50 and let’s see if you can beat your Zooter! Dismissed!

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