It looks as though Lexus, Toyotas luxury car brand has taken a Yamaha YXZ1000R SS, installed new body work, added a nice interior and fed it Hydrogen in their latest concept vehicle. 

According to a press release, Lexus has built, a unique, hydrogen-powered vehicle that offers near-zero emissions driving combined with extreme off-road capability. It reflects Lexus’s commitment to ensuring exhilarating driving can exist in a carbon-free society centered on responsible mobility.


The hydrogen-powered ROV Concept is the result of Lexus’s desire to preserve the pleasures of off-road driving in tomorrow’s low-carbon society. Its 1.0-litre hydrogen engine works like a petrol internal combustion engine, producing a pleasing engine note and responsive torque delivery. The fuel is contained in a high-pressure tank (We assume mounted where the YXZs airbox would sit) and delivered into the combustion chamber with precise direct injection. Importantly, the new hydrogen engine produces close to zero emissions, with only a negligible amount of engine oil burned during driving.

Unfortunately, the press release didn’t have any more info or photos of the Hydrogen system.

The ROV Concept has a strong tubular frame, a lightweight body and a large degree of suspension travel thanks to Yamaha. 

Spiros Fotinos, head of Lexus Europe, commented: “The Lexus Hydrogen powered UTV is our response to the growing passion for the outdoors and adventurous spirit of luxury consumers. As a concept, it fuses our desire to also develop lifestyle-oriented products with our ongoing research into new technologies that contribute to carbon neutrality. As well as being a concept that is thrilling to drive, it has near-zero emissions thanks to its hydrogen-powered engine.”


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