Hi Sarge,

I own a Linhai 400 Bighorn UTV. Do you know anything about them? It drives fine, but it’s difficult to start, hot or cold, and it will not idle. When I turn the key to start, there is sort of a whine in the starter for about 2–3 seconds, and then the engine starts to turn over. It has to turn over for several seconds with full choke on (even after it’s warm) and then finally fires. When I increase the idle speed, it idles too fast to put in gear without grinding the gears. Basically, it idles poorly and is hard to start. Can you help me, Sarge?

Angel McNamara

Tyler, Minnesota

Private Mackey, of course I know about them. The Linhai is primarily sold in Canada. The company has a partnership with Yamaha, and its Zooters are simple, basic utility machines that work quite well. Your machine produces 28 horsepower. Either you have really bad gas or the jets are plugged in the carburetor. To start working on your Zooter, I suggest you download the factory service manual here: uploads/ monthly_2014_01/57d77349cba24_ linhaibighorncuvservicemanual_pdf. 180b9295e8b09a09894aefca578240fe. Refer to Section 3.12, P3-64, for carburetor disassembly. Remove the passenger seat to gain access to the CV-type carburetor. P3-4 has the adjustment settings. P3-46 has the information on your starter clutch. It sounds like yours is sticking and then finally engaging. You may have to take your Zooter to a dealer, because you will need a flywheel puller to get the flywheel off. If you do it yourself, test the starter clutch by inserting the starter gear into the flywheel. Turning the gear counterclockwise, it should spin freely. Turn the gear clockwise and the gear should lock up tight. It’s possible that just removing the starter clutch and cleaning and re-lubing it may restore correct operation. Twenty-five sit-ups, Boot! Dismissed!

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