Lockstraps are a unique invention that caught our eye recently- using a theft-preventative measure on your tie downs. With two combo-locking steel hooks, the Lockstrap functions just like a normal tie down, with added security. The straps retail for $39.95 each, and feature a soft-tie strap that won’t tear up your handlebars or paint. Using a double-thick nylon strap with a steel cable running down the center, the Lockstraps resist cutting far better than your average tie-down. It’s a quick, simple way to protect your investment, and we applaud that.

      The hooks are cast and painted steel, with steel 3-digit combination locks at each end. The straps are held together with steel plates and oversized rivets for strength, and the looped ends go around the hooks so you can’t disassemble the tie downs when they are locked.

      We used the Lockstraps to secure quads, ramps, gas cans, and gear bags. Tightening the Lockstraps only takes a few seconds longer than normal tie-downs, so you do away with the hassle of threading a cable lock through your frame and pulling out the padlock. As a quick and easy theft deterrent, they work beautifully. Notice we said theft deterrent- we were able to use tools to cut through them, but for your average theif, it will be a ton more difficult than just loosening normal tie downs. Depending on how you use the Lockstraps, you can make it so a thief has to cut through two straps instead of one on each Lockstrap, doubling the amount of time it would take to break the loot free. Odds are, if the theif is that determined to take your belongings, you will be out of luck no matter how you secure it.
      Setting the combo is as easy as depressing a detent with a pen and selecting your 3-digit security code; it’s infinitely changeable and can be done very quickly. The Lockstraps look great, and will hold up to 1200 pounds each, making them perfect for tying down UTVs as well.

      For $40, you can buy two Lockstraps to keep your ATV secure. Or, just buy one; secure it to a part of the ATV it can’t be slipped off of (like the front A-Arm or frame), and use a regular tie-down for the other side. It will, at the very least, take a thief much longer to take whatever you lock up with it, and we’re betting that it’s enough of a burden to make most would-be thieves give up and walk away. We feel safer locking up our stuff with Lockstraps, and you will too!

RATING: *****
PRICE: $39.95 each
CONTACT: Lockstraps;, (951) 506-3682