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PRODUCT TEST: Lone Star Axles

July 4, 2017
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The Lonestar Racing XP 900 Race axles are super-heavy-duty, racequality replacement axles designed to accommodate LSR’s longer-travel suspension systems. The LSR Race axles use larger OEM Polaris RZR 570 CVs, combined with their custom length and super-strong axles, creating an axle that can articulate further and will hold up to more abuse.

LSR axle shafts are machined from super-strong 300M chromoly material that is said to produce the strongest race axles in our industry as well as the automotive racing world. The axles are also powdercoated for a long-lasting, rust-free appearance. LSR Race axles are then assembled with OEM Polaris 570 CVs and a “secret” concoction of two special, high-end moly greases. LSR claims the perfect grease mixture is the key to longer CV life and reduced heat.

The Polaris XP 900 can be notoriously hard on CV axles. If you drive them to full potential, you will eventually experience failure. On a stock machine, failures are pretty avoidable and can be chalked up to normal wear and tear or a driving mistake. Long-travel setups are a completely different situation. When suspension builders design longer-travel suspension setups, CV angle is the limiting factor. Suspension builders can utilize longer axles to accommodate for longer arms, but they have to limit travel to the working range of the CV joint. LSR builds MTS Stage 1 kits that feature 3-inch-longer arms, and even a Stage 2 kit that widens the car and lengthens the wheelbase of the car by moving the rear wheels backward as well. These kits, like most others, are designed to function just within the limits of the stock CV joint. These longer-travel setups will work with stock CVs, but they definitely create more CV angle and cause more frequent failures when driven or raced aggressively. Instead of further limiting the suspension travel of their popular XP 900 kits, LSR found the answer in a bigger and better CV joint. As it turns out, the stock Polaris RZR 570 CVs are much bigger, meaning not only improved strength, but also a much deeper plunger. This deeper plunger means they can operate and last at a much greater CV angle. The axle stubs are the same between the 570 and the XP 900, so LSR was able to build a conversion axle that is machined and sized to work with the XP 900 but utilize the 570 CV. LSR uses 300M axles that are already known for incredible strength and then completely assembled in-house with a special concoction of moly greases. While these axles were developed to improve durability with LSR’s longtravel suspension kits, their proven durability has led to requests for stock replacement sizes as well. As of print, you can now order these bulletproof, super-beefy axles in stock replacement sizes, as well as for the MTS Stage 1 and Stage 2 suspension kits.


Installing the LSR Race axles is no different than installing a complete stock axle. The LSR Race axles are shipped completely built, full of grease, and ready to pop in and race. Swapping out complete axles like these takes about 20 minutes per side, even for a complete novice.

We have been racing WORCS with an XP 900 for the past few years. With the stock suspension setup, we broke a few stock axles, mostly from the learning curve of racing an IRS car versus a quad. The following year, we raced with a full long-travel front and rear setup. We experienced a few rear CV failures early on and were told that 570 conversion axles would fix our issue. When you hold them in your hands, you can immediately see the difference between the standard longer axles and the much larger 570 CV. The difference is all in the outer CV, which just happens to be the problematic ones, especially when dealing with longer-travel suspension. We have put in many hours of abusive testing and even raced the first couple of WORCS rounds on the LSR Race CVs with zero failures. The larger CV allows the plunger to travel further, which in turn allows it to turn safely without increased wear at the greater CV angles of drooped-out suspension. Our LSR long-travel suspension works amazing in the rough, big whoops and G-outs are soaked up without worry, but it was a trade-off for the increased CV risk.

With our new 570 setup, we get to utilize the incredible suspension performance and bump absorption of the longer-travel LSR setup without fear of losing CVs. The longer suspension and wheelbase are an improvement in almost any terrain, but the cost was durability. This new CV setup rectifies this, giving you the best of both worlds. They are also seeing great success with the 570 CVs in many desert race cars, and racers are replicating the LSR grease setup with stock axles. The LSR Race axles feature a one-year warranty, which is otherwise unheard of in the UTV racing industry.

CONTACT: www.lsracing.com or call (800) 4-LSRACE
RATING: ****
PRICE: $550 each, $1100 for the pair

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