Last month we reported on a 72-inch RZP Pro XP build by HCR Racing. This month we stopped by Lonestar Racing (LSR) to check out the brand-new LSR 74-inch RZR Pro XP and suspension kits for the Pro XP and Pro XP 4. Not only do the LSR +5-inch A-arms and trailing arms provide more width and travel than the HCR kit, the new LSR 74-inch Pro kit is more complete with several cost-saving and added-benefit features. We saw the raw components, then returned to see the finished product on Shannon Campbell’s RZR Pro XP Ultimate. Campbell won the 2017 King of the Hammers UTV race in a RZR XP Turbo and is upgrading it in the wake of Can-Am’s 2020 win.

Stance and travel are greatly increased with the LSR kit, and LSR also makes their own extended axle shafts to keep the cost of the kit lower. Hexes on the radius rods ease toe adjustments.
The main 15 suspension components in the Pro 74-inch kit are powdercoated in-house with several color choices.
The kit also includes all mounting hardware, and some components have reverse threads so vibration won’t loosen them.


LSR’s Pro XP trailing arms add 5 inches of width each, and the larger boxed arms are much stronger than stock. They also have fully enclosed back-plates that accept Pro XP rear hubs, whereas the HCR Pro kit is designed for Turbo S hubs and axles, which add considerably to the $4500 cost of the kit. These LSR 1/2-inch-thick hub plates are much stronger, and they’re CNC channeled for lightness. LSR makes +5-inch Pro axles for $300 (for all four) or sells the 74-inch kit without axles for those who want to upgrade to RCVs or the like. LSR trailing arms have OEM sway-bar-mount locations, but the shock locations are changed for more travel with stock-length shocks. Trailing arms have an adjustable 3/4-inch rod-end pivots and loops, and mounts for securing brake lines and roost flaps.

Lonestar Racing has developed a 74-inch kit for Polaris Pro XP and Pro 4 owners. Here is the kit installed on Shannon Campbell’s Pro Ultimate with Live Valve shocks. LSR’s Pro roll cages are made from 4130 tubing and TIG-welded. The front is 2.5 inches lower, and they include an aluminum roof.

The 74-inch Pro kit also includes four longer radius rods with adjustment hexes and 5/8-inch heavy-duty rod ends, plus the bracing plates for added strength in the mount area. The 15-piece suspension kit is powder-coated to order on-site, and all mounting hardware is included for $6200, including billet sway-bar links and roost flaps, or $6500 with +5-inch LSR axles.

Built for racers by racers, the LSR RZR Pro upper A-arms and trailing arms have built-in bosses for racing jacks. Camber is adjustable via lower A-arm rod ends.

LSR +5-inch A-arms are made of larger-than-stock 4130 chromoly tubes for superior strength without the unneeded weight of the boxed arms, plus they are heavily gusseted at the shock and sway-bar mounts. They have cross-braces and gusseted triangles for strength. The upper arms’ forward frame mounts are heavily braced, and the rear mounts have 3/4-inch rod ends. The lowers have ball-end rear mounts, and they have 7/8-inch Uniballs with 300M pins. The kit also includes upper plates for relocating the top shock mounts outward on the OEM tower; Pro XP shocks are so laid down that spring rates are triple what most sport UTVs use. Longer tie-rods are also included with adjustment hexes.

The LSR Pro trailing arms have tabs welded on to accept the LSR mud flaps. Mud flaps for stock trailing arms start at $135, billet sway-bar links are $85 a pair for the front and $115 a pair for the rear, and a clutch-cover pin kit starts at $69.95 for quick-change capabilities.

LSR claims that travel will be 20-plus inches in the front and 22-plus inches in the rear. The kit’s use of OEM Pro hubs and CVs will be much more cost-effective in the long run, and LSR will no doubt be the choice of many Pro desert racers.


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