WPS, the nationwide distributor of powersports industry brands and products announced this week, that it is introducing a new line of UTV windshields.  Half, windshields ($119.99), Full ($129-$289), Folding ($360.95) and Back shields ($119-$349) will be available at your local WPS dealer in time for Winter.























Exclusively  manufactured in the USA for its Open Trail brand of ATV and UTV accessories, the new windshields will improve UTV rides while protecting riders, whether working or touring and regardless of conditions.


With its scratch-resistant, hard-coated polycarbonate, the Open Trail windshield is much stronger than glass and is resistant to yellowing and fading common in acrylic windshields. Its integrated UV protection provides an ultra-clear view, and a precise fit makes it wind tight and keeps out branches and debris.


The safety-glazed windshield meets U.S. DOT and most local and state requirements for UTV windshields. The new Open Trail windshield mounts quickly and doesn’t require tools. Heavy-duty nonslip hook and eye straps included with the product are all that’s needed for easy installation.


“With our successful operational integration into Arrowhead Engineered Products, we’re leveraging the larger company, its processes and manufacturing to expand the Open Trail line,” said Ronnie Wehr, senior vice president of sales, Western Power Sports. “That means more innovation, more applications, faster to market.


“Western Power Sports’ long tenure earns us extensive knowledge of what the market wants. That’s so valuable to customers,” Wehr said. “With this in-depth understanding of their needs, whether for utility work on the ranch or sport UTV riding, we’re in sync with them. As a result, we have very loyal customers. We’re excited to continuously grow our product offering for them.”


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