Dear Sarge,

On our farm we use a 2017 Mahindra 750 XTV Crew Cab. It does what we need it to do , except for the charging system. At idle, it discharges, even w/o the lights on. We must be moving forward to charge the battery. If we are doing most anything that involves a lot of slow work and frequent stops, the battery discharges to the point to where if we shut her off, it will not restart unless we jump it. We have taken to carrying a lithium jump box with us so we can restart her if necessary. The Dealer says the battery tests good and can’t do any more for us. Can you help us with our MAHINDRA CHARGING PROBLEMS?

Terry Furlo

Lancaster, Ohio

Private Futon, it is a shame your local Motor Pool is of little help to you. If you are at all handy and have a VOM (Volt/OHM Meter) I can provide you with the testing procedures to check out your charging system problems. Have you checked your battery voltage with both the engine off and while operating? Battery voltage should be between 12.8V, static, and 14V @ 3600 rpm. Make sure you Dealer actually checked each cell for sufficient water. Your Kohler should have a 20 amp charge system. Your Regulator/Rectifier could be bad or one or more phases of your alternator could be shorted to ground. Here is the Service Manual for your Kohler 750 EFI engine: Start on P83 and do the outlined testing. Genuine Kohler replacement parts are available here: And here is your parts manual: Note that Intimidator is the manufacturer of your Mahindra. In the future Boot, be wary of a company that rebrands someone else’s Zooter as their own and the Dealers don’t know how to service them. Dismissed!

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