Prior to our recent trip to Baja, where we tested the Kawasaki KRX 1000 for over 1100 miles down the beautiful peninsula, we went over the Kawasaki with our entire toolkit, turning wrenches. Kawasaki does not provide any tools to work on this machine, so we’ll show you how to make your own KRX 1000 toolkit. We made a list of exactly which tools are needed to repair virtually every part of the machine on the trail. Here is a list so you can make and carry your own toolkit. Also, don’t forget the wrench and bolt that it takes to change the CVT belt. You have to source your own 10mm x1.25 bolt that is at least 2 inches long to spread the CVT’s secondary sheave. Make sure you have that tool as well.

Harbor Freight  sells this affordable tool bag for less than $10. You can also find all the tools needed to fill it up there, too. The $350 Assault On the Go tool roll is another option for an on-board UTV toolkit that works with most machines. Get one at


4mm: Skid plate, rock guards

5mm: Parking brake, fenders

6mm: Transmission drain

8mm: Front diff drain, brake caliper


T40: Brake lines

Phillips: Brake lines, door panels, shock guards, firewall


8mm: Front diff, sensors

10mm: CVT cover, trailing-arm guards, exhaust, electrical grounds, taillights, door latch, front brake lines, radiator

12mm: Front diff, parking brake, exhaust, fender braces, brake lines, seat mount, tilt wheel, CVT

13mm: Tilt wheel

14mm: Brake caliper, motor mount, spark plug, beadlock, front sway bar

15mm: Rear bumper

17mm: Lug nuts, radius rods, shocks, sway bar, frame, A-arms, tie-rods, trailing arms, oil drain

19mm: Ball joints

23mm: Tie-rods

27mm: Front axle nut, diff/trans fill

36mm: Rear axle nut


Pliers: Cotter pins

Pushpin pliers: Push pins

Long magnet: Nuts for primary CVT cage

See UTV Action’s full test on the Kawasaki KRX 1000 SE here:

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