HMF helps out Can-Am's fastest UTVs

— Can-Am’s Maverick X3 Turbo is certainly an awesome machine. With the 2018 model making 172 horsepower it is indeed fast. Everything about the chassis and suspension design makes it  one of the best high-performance UTVs you can buy. However, with its focus on the sporty side of things, certain other areas are a little less civilized. One of which would be the X3’s cargo capacity. In other words, the rear bed is not very big and it’s hard to secure anything you try to haul back there.

Well, the folks at HMF Racing set out to improve that with their bolt-on rear rack made especially for any of the Maverick X3s. It fits all of the Turbo models as well as the new X3 900 HO. HMF’s rear cargo rack is made from aluminum tubing so that it doesn’t add much weight to the X3. It provides tie-down points for straps so you can tightly secure the cargo. The rack is powered coated black and includes two whip mounts. It is priced at $260. The accessory aluminum clamps cost $25 each.

As you may know, HMF Racing’s first order of business is building exhaust systems, and they offer this dual muffler version for Can-Am’s X3. For more info >

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