Martin continues OMA sweep with Festus victory

Article and photos by John Gasso
When the dust settled at the Parts Unlimited OMA Nationals Sidi Mizzu XC there was a familiar face at the top of the podium. Missouri racer Kyle Martin took his Dirtworks Motorsports Honda through the Moose Racing scoring tent after his eighth lap of the short but technical course in the hills of rural Festus, Missouri with a three minute and five second gap over second place. John Pitts was the next man through, capturing second place with his Moose Racing ODI Honda in a time of two hours, eight minutes, and thirty four seconds. Following Pitts was the Moose Racing Dirtworks Motorsports Honda of Dannye Shrum. Defending series champion Bryan Hulsey suffered a broken foot peg on his Duncan Racing Dirtworks Motorsports Honda on lap number seven, relegating him to fourth place, one lap short of the leaders. Meanwhile, the Aupperle Racing Honda of Shane Gaunt missed a few laps in the middle of the race due to an excursion down a ravine, leaving the Morton, Illinois teenager three laps short. Two A Class ATV racers, Jake Yates and Dan Schaefer rounded out the top five overall, and fellow A Class ATV racer Jeff Range was the last racer to complete eight laps.

Shane Gaunt put in a strong ride at the OMA Nationals Sidi Mizzu XC near
Festus , Missouri. Unfortunately a trip down a ravine after blowing a corner
left the Morton, Illinois teenager three laps down at the finish.
According to race winner Kyle Martin “it was a hot one.” He said “The bike held up real well. Dirtworks got my motor together real quick and I was able to have a good machine for this round.” Martin ran a quick pace, but had some lapped traffic to contend with throughout the day. According to Martin, “the downhill was very interesting. I come up on some lapped riders and they were a little scared of it. I was too coming down. I mean, there’s no stopping. Wherever you were going, that’s where you were going. I was kind of scared for them. I didn’t know where they were going to end up. It was a little gnarly, but that’s what makes it pretty fun.” The Roll Design Hot Cams Honda racer was smiling after the race and said “That was a lot of fun. Up on the hilltops, with the rock ledges and stuff, that was gnarly.”

Fourth place in the Pro ATV class was captured by Missouri native Bryan
Hulsey at the Mizzu XC near Festus, Missouri.
John Pitts was also happy at the end of today’s race. His Rekluse Powermadd Honda ran well, keeping the Missouri racer close enough to capitalize on a mechanical failure that beset his riding buddy, Bryan Hulsey, late in the race. “I’ll take it,” he said. “I’ll take luck any day.” According to Hulsey “About the third to the last lap John (Pitts) let me by and Kyle (Martin) wasn’t too far out front. I was able actually to put a little time on Kyle and I got up within about ten seconds, they said. Going up a real rough hill I just sheared my foot peg off. I come down over a jump off the hill and the foot peg sheared off, so I tried to go ahead and finish that lap as much as possible, hoping maybe it was the last lap, but it wasn’t. I finished that last lap, but John and DJ Shrum both got by me.” Opportunity was knocking, and John Pitts had his EBC Vee Rubber Honda in the right place at the right time. “I liked it a lot,” said Pitts. “It was a blast. A good Missouri course; rocks and tight trails.”

Victory number four in a row was captured by Kyle Martin aboard his
Dirtworks Motorsports Honda at the Parts Unlimited OMA Nationals round seven
event. Martin topped another all Missouri podium at the Sidi Mizzu XC.
After taking the final Pro podium position, Donnye Shrum said “I got a little hot; tired. The Moose Racing Dirtworks Motorsports racer from Granite City, Illinois lists Mon and Dad first in his sponsor list. He said “it went all right. The track was pretty rough right there near the end, that rock garden and that downhill.”

The Duncan Racing Honda of Missouri racer John Pitts took second place at
the round seven installment of the OMA Nationals series near Festus,
The fifth place Pro rider in today’s event does not seem to be able to find any luck this year.  A string of DNF’s due to mechanical issues has plagued the Aupperle Racing Rekluse Honda of Shane Gaunt. Today was not a lot different, except he did actually finish. There were just a few laps missing in the middle of the race. It seems the dust was a little more than Gaunt was expecting at a particular corner in the course. The friendly young man from Illinois said “I went flying off a ravine because it was so dusty I didn’t see the corner coming. I was riding right behind Pitts and Hulsey.” Gaunt found himself stuck on a hillside off the course. “I got stuck on the side of the hill, wedged in some trees,” Gaunt recalled. “I was pretty far down there. Finally, I got out and I got a couple good laps in, but it was over.”

Privateer Donnye Shrum took home third place honors at the OMA Nationals
round seven Sidi Mizzu XC.
Round seven of the ten round Parts Unlimited OMA Nationals series has been posted, and Kyle Martin came out on top again. This guy is on a roll, but he has had some competition. John Pitts is coming on strong the last few races, and Shane Gaunt is a force to be reckoned with if he can shake the bad luck. Defending series champion Bryan Hulsey has also run some strong races, only to have his luck fail late in the event. This series keeps bringing challenging tracks to the table, and the racers are meeting the Bill Gusse challenge. The races are exciting, and the race is never over until the checkered flag waves. This is what woods racing is all about. This is off road racing.

Sidi Mizzu XC Pro ATV results
1      Martin, Kyle      Honda
2      Pitts, John      Honda
3      Shrum, Donnye      Honda
4      Hulsey, Bryan      Honda
5      Gaunt, Shane      Honda