Dear Sarge,

We purchased a Massimo Buck 450 from Tractor Supply. Since day one the Massimo transmission grinds when switching gears. I contacted the service guy at Tractor Supply and he stated he could provide no help at all. My son who is a Marine suggested I contact you for the solution.

Dennis and Larry Freeman

New Lenox, Illinois

Your Son is a smart Marine! The one year warranty is a joke at Tractor Supply. They don’t want to know about them. They just sell them! My first thought is the idle was set at the factory and as the engine broke in and the engine loosened up, the rpm increased. Get above 2000 rpm and you will get gear grinding because the CVT is partially engaged. Try killing the engine and shift into gear. Put your foot on the brake and restart. If the Zooter shifts just fine this way, then it is not the transmission, or the linkage. Most likely it is the engine idle speed being too high. Turn it down to 1800 or below. Sounds like you need a factory Service Manual since you are getting no satisfaction from your local Motor Pool. You can download a PDF version of the 400 manual here: (basically the same machine) Your Son already is versed in PT. But it sounds like the Service Manager at Tractor Supply needs some! Dismissed!

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