WHAT IS IT: Maxxis’ Roxxzilla is its premiere rock-crawling and off-road racing tire, and it’s
the choice of 2020 and 2021-2022 King of the Hammers UTV winners Hunter Miller and Kyle
Chaney, respectively. The square foot-print all-terrain radial tire comes in two compounds
(standard and “*” sticky or race) and in 30×10.0R14, 32×10.0R14, 35×10.0R14*, 32×100.0R15,
35×10.0R15*, and Maxxis is releasing 37-inch Maxxzillas soon. We got a chance to test the
35x10R15* race tire on a couple of KRX1000s and the new Pro R at the SxS Adventure Rally
on the Rocks (ROTR).

FEATURES: Roxxzillas are 8-Ply radials with a multi-layer sidewall design, an A/T semi-
chevron tread, and dimpled or siped center lugs, and huge side lugs extend halfway down the sidewall for

extra traction and flat/pinch prevention. Maxxis bills Roxxzillas as elite pure sport tires. The 35-
inch Roxxzilla is rated at 741 pounds, and the 35×10.0R14 weighs 55.3 pounds and the
35×10.0R15 weighs 53.2 pounds.

Siped and dimpled center lugs and side knobs on sidewall lugs increase traction on rocks, hard pack, sand and mud.

CONSTRUCTION: Nylon radial bands strengthen the carcus, and lugs on the 32s and 35s
are 19/32 of an inch tall on the center lugs and more than that on side lugs. Diameter on 35s is
actually 34.5 inches, so they provide 1.25 inches more ground clearance than the 32s that come
on the KRX1000. Maxxzilla 35s only come in competition compound so far, and we’re not sure
about the 37s.

PERFORMANCE: The 35-inch Maxxzilla bites like a magnet on steel on Sand Hollow State
Park’s rock monoliths. They grip extremely well and climb insane obstacles, and they also
provide great grip when easing down steep drops. They’re also excellent in loose dune sand
and desert soils. The large side lugs provide plenty of side bite in deep sand and mud ruts,
improving turning in sand on the KRX1000 and Pro R alike.

THE VERDICT: Maxxzilla owners rate the 35-inch radial as five stars on grip/traction,
handling and value, and we concur. While 30s start at $249 each, 35s are $445, but even the
competition 35s provide great traction over a lot of miles. They also provide great acceleration,
braking and turning traction in a wide variety of conditions on both a supercharged KRX1000
and super-torquey Polaris Pro R. While Maxxis doesn’t claim a DOT rating for the Roxxzilla, it is
a great hard rock, hard pack and pavement tire. We can’t wait to experience the 37-inch

RATING: *****
PRICE: $445.00

Utah has a lot of dinosaur tracks in rocks, and Roxxzillas even make tracks on walls.
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