— Here’s one way to get a new UTV for only $17.99, but you won’t be able to climb inside and take it for a ride. These little machines are miniature versions of the real thing made by New Ray Toys. The 1:18 scale model replicas do a good job of capturing the details of RZRs and YXZs with moving suspension and such.

You can’t just stand in the garage all day admiring the look of your UTV, so having a miniature version of it can come in handy. It can set on a shelf in your den or on top of your desk at work, as a visual reminder of what you’d rather be doing.

When it comes to buying your friends gifts for birthdays and Christmas, it’s tough to think of things they’ll like without spending too much. Well, if they own a UTV, they’ll automatically appreciate getting a trophy size version of it. And of course, your kids will naturally love to have one of these New Ray UTVs too.

The New Ray replicas are also available for quads, motorcycles and other vehicles. You may be able to find them at ATV and UTV dealerships or toy stores for under $20. If not, you can order them on line from Chaparral Motorsports for $17.99.

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