Improving the performance of Can-Am’s fastest UTV!

Can-Am’s Maverick X3 has a 900cc three-cylinder engine that comes stock with a turbocharger. It puts out 154 horsepower and it will pin you to the seat when you nail the throttle. However, what can you do to the X3 to make it an even faster off-road machine? Well, here are the X3s of three guys to give you an example of what’s possible. Look over their machines and check out the list of parts that replaced the stock ones:

X3 boyd F









2017 CAN-AM X3 — Dennis Boyd:

X3 boyd R

X3 willis F


2017 CAN-AM X3 — Kory Willis:

X3 willis R

X3 sneed F

2017 CAN-AM X3 — Malcolm Sneed:

X3 sneed R


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