The Moose 4-way tire-valve tool allows you to repair common kinds of damage and failure that affect tire-valve stems. The tool is less than 2 inches long, weighs less than a spark plug, and it’s only $5.95, so it’s affordable enough to add to your garage toolbox and to the toolkit you take on the trail.


The 4-way tire-valve repair tool includes tools for installing and removing valve cores, removing broken valve cores, repairing valve-stem threads, and repairing valve-core threads.

Normally, a valve cap with a valve-core tool is all we need to remove or install valve cores, but we’ve all encountered a stubborn valve core. The 4-way tire-valve repair tool’s T-handle-like shape provides extra torque to remove frozen valve cores, and the tool is small enough to easily use with most UTV wheels. Valve-stem threads are soft brass, which can get mangled easily in rough off-road riding, especially if you ride without valve-stem caps. Damaged valve-stem threads won’t let you add air with air compressors or CO2 inflators with thread-on fittings. The steel tire-valve tool chases damaged threads easily, but it can’t help a badly deformed stem. Valve-core thread damage is fairly rare, but if you have to use the 4-way tire-valve repair tool’s pointed, threaded, broken valve-core remover, the valve-core threads will need some cleaning up. The tool is zinc-plated to prevent rust.

The tool’s T-handle-like shape provides the torque to remove frozen valve cores or chase damaged valve-stem threads, and the tool is small enough to use easily with most UTV wheels.


If you’re lucky, you’ve probably never experienced most of the problems the 4-way tire-valve repair tool is designed for. Ride off-road long enough and you’ll probably encounter them all eventually. This tool is affordable, compact and can solve them all.  

CONTACT: Moose Utility Division; or your dealer.

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $5.95

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