The old way of cleaning air filters is long gone thanks to new Moose air filter cleaner. It’s much safer than harsh solvents and is always easy to use and ready to use thanks to the convenient spray can. For use on cleanable foam and filament filters, this cleaner goes to work on dissolving dirt and debris build up from extended use. While it will strip away any dirt and debris, it will not harm any of the foam or glue on your filters. The 15 ounce can of this product is made in the U.S.A. and has a MSRP of $8.95. Head on over to your local dealership or to or to check out the new Moose air filter cleaner.

Cleanable, reusable UTV air filters frome Moose and other manufacturers improve performance, save you time and money and are better for the environment than the disposable filters that come on many UTVs. See UTV Action’s Air Filter Buyer’s Guide here:

Moose Utility Division has a huge selection of replacement, performance, hunting and customizing parts for most popular sport and recreation UTVs, as well as many universal parts to improve any brand or model. New products include seats, spare tire carriers and more.

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