The Moose bed enclosure is a panel that encloses the rear cargo area of Kawasaki’s Teryx KRX 1000. It is very simple to install and comes with new hardware. The main section bolts under the two rear-bed cargo tie-down points. The tie-down loops can be reused if needed. The upper section bolts to the two whip mounts on the C-pillar of the roll cage.

The $139.95 aluminum enclosure installed in minutes using supplied hardware that bolts to the rear tie-down points and the roll cage’s whip mounts on the C-pillar.


Moose carries the 12-gauge steel bed enclosures for Kawasaki Teryx KRXs, Can-Am Mavericks, Honda Talons and Yamaha YXZs. The Maverick and Talon products are $109.95, while the other two are $139.95.


We made good use of the enclosure on a recent 1100-mile ride in Baja. We carried a spare tire with a Pelican case strapped on top of it. To use Kawasaki’s accessory Y-strap, we piggybacked it onto another tie-down hook that was looped through one of the top holes in the panel, and it worked great. We also carried along a big cable lock that rested on the tire and never bounced out.


With the panel in place, you have a bunch of extra corner pockets in the cargo area to carry things like extra jackets, small bags or even trash that you find on the trail. The only downside with the panel is that it makes the spare tire harder to load and unload, but to be honest, in the 1500 miles since we’ve had it installed, we’ve only removed the tire once. You just have to lift the tire a foot higher to move it in or out. It’s a very useful add-on to the KRX, and we know you will find even more ways to take advantage of it being at the back of your rig.


RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $139.95

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