Adding a fire extinguisher to your UTV is not only smart, we consider it mandatory, and the Moose Quick-Release Fire Extinguisher Mount makes it easy. Furthermore, no matter what causes a fire in your UTV or on the trail, being prepared to fight it can reduce damage and even save lives.

The mount itself weighs about 2 pounds and mounts simply with hose clamps to the roll cage and to any small- to medium-sized fire-extinguisher bottle.


The Moose Quick-Release Fire Extinguisher Mount is made of plastic/composite material. It fits any tubular roll cage up to 2 inches. Also, it fits most common fire extinguishers. We picked up an extinguisher at Lowe’s for $22.


Installing the mount is easy with a 9/32-inch/7mm nut driver or flat screwdriver.  Due to its design, it lets you deploy the extinguisher quickly. In fact, the stainless steel release pin pulls from the composite material more easily than from aluminum mounts.


We used two Moose mounts on a couple of different cars. One mount we used for a fire extinguisher, and the other we used to hold a CO2 tank from Power Tank. The plastic material doesn’t rattle, is slim and holds tight.


This one is a no-brainer. Carry a fire extinguisher on every ride. They don’t take up much room, are inexpensive, and (with the Moose product) quick to use. This is one of those things we always take with us but hope we never need. You should be able to pick one or two up at any dealership.


RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $59.95

See UTV Action’t evaluation of Assault Industries’ fire extinguisher mount here:

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