Moose Racing introduces the new Moose Racing flex pickup tool. Ever found yourself reaching for that bolt that slid under the skid plate and you just can’t quite seem to reach it? Those days are long gone thanks to this nifty tool. The Moose Racing flex pickup tool is designed to fit in hard to reach places that your hands can’t. Not only is this tool flexible but also has a magnetic tip to easily attract parts. A great tool to have around the shop. MSRP is listed at $14.95. Head on over to your local dealer or to to check this out!

The history of Moose Racing starts in the mid 1980’s in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. The question in those days was how to prepare for an ever changing ride but for a core group of offroad riders it was a question of how, and out of their passion came a small offering of hard parts that would put Moose Offroad on the map. What they didn’t know was their desire to make the ride unforgettable would turn into a worldwide force of the finest collection of parts and gear for them and their machine.

In the early 1990’s, visionary Wayne Cornelius came along with distribution giant Parts Unlimited. Wayne knew Moose Offroad was good but he had a desire to make it great. His method to reach that goal was to consult the services of 8-time National Enduro Champion Dick Burleson. Utilizing Burleson’s experience the goal was to design gear that was comfortable to ride in all day rather than a 20 minute moto. That concept was launched in 1994 at the ISDE in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where a team of World-class riders emblazoned in new gear they served notice that Moose Racing has arrived on the scene.

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