At Polaris’ investor relations conference taking place this week, Polaris let us in on what’s ahead for the company. The key takeaways we were able to gather, Polaris is still heavily focused on gasoline powered machines, electric is coming as are more adventures and a better at home shopping and dealer experience. As their business looks for key growth segments they will be expanding an electric fleet of machines for everyone.


Furthermore, Polaris says Ride Command will be on most models. For those who do not own a Polaris product, they can still use the Polaris Ride Command App and locate a Polaris Adventures rental outfit. Additionally, Polaris Adventures Select is available for those wanting a membership for the occasional use of different Polaris brand machines. So the plan is to get butts in seats no matter what. Most of their business is experiencing double digit growth and they are aiming for more of the same throughout the next decade. It’s going to be an exciting ride as usual. If you are interested in investing in Polaris, visit 

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