— The plans for the Nikola Zero have been floating around for awhile now. This 4×4 UTV is suppose to make 555 horsepower from four electric motors, one at each wheel. Nikola claims that it will have a 200 mile range from its 400 volts, 125 kWh battery package. They say it will do 0-60 in 3.9 seconds.

The specs that Nikola provides show the Zero as having 20 inches of travel from its suspension. It seats four and has a wheelbase of 118 inches, which similar to a RZR XP 4. For the bad news, it weighs 3,500 pounds. That’s nearly a ton more than the RZR XP 4’s weight of 1700 pounds. The other not-so-great news is the price of the Nikola Zero starts at $35,000.

Perhaps the price and weight for electric powered UTVs will eventually come down, but it’s going to be tough competing against gas powered UTVs for now. Actually, the day in which you can buy a Nikola Zero is not yet clear. As far as we know, there are only prototype models at the moment. Their website only shows computer generated photos of what its suppose to look like. You can reserve one for $750, but there’s no information on when a production model will be available.


If or when the Zero does exist on a Nikola dealership floor we’ll be sure to get one to test and let you know what it’s like. Until then, here is the info and photos we have of it at this time.

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