More sound for higher ground


The Polaris RZR Pro XP platform has been built up to all kinds of great project machines in the last two years—from duners to race cars and mud machines—but none of them are as well-equipped as the recovery rig MTX Audio built as a showstopper.

While it’s the audio components MTX wanted to show off, when this machine rolls through a ride event or is on display at a trade show, the entire project can rock out with the best of them. When MTX sent over the build list and wanted to see if we could feature their ride, we picked out the perfect place to see how it worked.

This is MTX’s five-speaker Thunder RZR Pro XP kit. They sell the system for cars with or without Ride Command or for other brand cars, too.



Here are the front and rear speakers installed. The under-dash setup is not too big and doesn’t hinder you getting in and out of the car.


MTX Audio built the MTX/SUPERATV RZR PRO XP RECOVERY RIG to attract attention to the audio systems they build. The machine looks as good as it sounds.



Sector Seven’s lighted mirrors bring form and function to this build. Even though you are higher off the ground, you still need good products to help you see when backing up.


Rebel Style Kustoms fabbed up a nice enclosed trunk for the storage area out back. It was the perfect use of space, especially with the spare tire resting on top.


An 8-inch gear-driven performance portal from SuperATV is used on all four corners. They work with stock or aftermarket arms.


Eighteen-inch Muscle-branded wheels were needed to mount the massive 39-inch Moto Race tires to the MTX/SUPERATV RZR PRO XP RECOVERY RIG . The combo was unstoppable.



MTX sells universal and vehicle-specific audio systems for nearly every brand of UTV, both sport and utility. For this build, MTX installed its top-of-the-line Thunder 5 kit that retails for $2200. According to MTX, the ProXP-20RC-Thunder5 audio kit is a complete plug-and-play, five-speaker audio system designed for the Polaris RZR Pro XP platform. The kit fits all models that have an installed Ride Command system. Building off the capabilities of the Polaris Ride Command system, the kit features full plug-and-play integration to the factory harness while power for the system was provided by the included MUD100.4 four-channel and MUD600-1 monoblock amplifiers.

Front audio reproduction was handled by a set of the ProXP-20-FS component speakers. The lower, 6 1/2-inch, rotationally molded speaker pod was designed to install in a matter of minutes and featured integrated RGB lighting, while the 1-inch soft-dome tweeter mounted in the upper dash. Low end came from the ProXP-20-SW subwoofer enclosure with its high-output, 10-inch subwoofer in a ported enclosure that mounted in the dash on the passenger side of the vehicle. Rear sound is provided by a pair of Mud65PL speaker cans that feature integrated RGB lighting in a compact design with plug-and-play connectivity. Connections were made via integrated, quick-connect, watertight harnesses designed for the harshest of riding environments. For non-Ride Command units, those kits came with a head unit that added $300 to the price. Another good aspect of a system like this was that MTX built the kit for an easy install so there was no guesswork about where certain components went. Everything was laid out with detailed instructions, and all the mounting hardware was included. Lower-priced kits and sound bars were available for under $600. No matter what make and model you drive, you can see what they offer for it at

Massive ground clearance is provided by arched SuperATV suspension, SuperATV portals and 39-inch-tall MRT tires. This is a familiar trail for us that can be taken entirely different now.


We couldn’t even find a rock or tree big enough to test out the tree kickers. The wheels are from Muscle, and MTS took care of running the stock Walker Evans shocks.


The front cargo rack was a nice touch for this build and another good use of space. We doubt this machine will ever need to use the Maxtrax, but maybe whoever they rescue will.


We liked the tan color of the PRP seats; however, we wouldn’t have used such a deep bucket. This vehicle is hard enough to climb in and out of as it is.


This is SuperATV’s second-largest winch at 6000 pounds. We couldn’t imagine needing anything bigger for a UTV rescue. We had to upright a machine with this one, and the 50 feet of synthetic rope worked perfectly.


With all of the extra leverage and weight at each corner, the stock axles had to be replaced with super-strong Rhino 2.0s.



One of our local rock-crawling trails in the Mojave Desert is called Last Chance Canyon. Not only did we think it was a good place to showcase the portal-equipped Pro XP, the sheer canyon walls would be just as good of a place to hear the sound coming from the rig. If there was ever a place to hold an outdoor concert, this canyon would be it. The MTX-equipped RZR was all that would be needed to entertain hundreds of people.

As we tiptoed up the canyon, it was fun driving over rocks that we would have to go around in other machines. Ground clearance was simply amazing, thanks to the 8-inch portals and the 39×10.5-18-inch-tall X-Rox DD Crawler Moto Race tires mounted on Muscle Race wheels. More distance between the skid plate and dirt was provided by the SuperATV 1.5-inch forward-offset, high-clearance A-arms and high-clearance SA trailing arms. All the shock springs and valving were provided by MTS Off Road. Literally nothing would stand in the way of this rig. If there was something in the way or a rig that needed to be recovered, a huge 6000 pound Black Ops winch was mounted up front and an SA tow hook out back. The Rebel Style Kustoms cage incorporates a trunk out back for more recovery gear and supplies.

We did prove that recovery gear goes a long way on a tough UTV ride, and the one time you didn’t have it was when you would need it. Also, the portals in the desert do add to the experience more than we thought. It brings a whole new driving experience to any UTV. The ride was different, and the way you went through, over or around the terrain was different. We could still run down the trails at a decent speed, and the ride was still comfortable. The steering gave a little more feedback than we would like, but that was to be expected with such huge tires. All in all, the ride for the passengers was incredible, and the sound experience around them was perfect. If you are looking for the same kind of sound perfection, find your closest MTX dealer by calling (800) 225-5689.


That feeling when you look down on the street from a tall building and the people look like ants—well, to this thing, refrigerator-sized rocks look like pebbles.



RSK cage, roof rack, roof, bumpers, front rack:

SuperATV high-clearance A-arms and trailing arms:

SuperATV Rhino 2.0 axles, 8” portal gear lift w/ 45% gear reduction

SuperATV Black Ops 6000 lb. winch

SuperATV nerf bars: 

SuperATV tow hitch

MTS suspension tuning:

Muscle Race Wheels:

MRT X-Rox DD Crawler tires 39×10.5×18”:

Pro Armor aluminum doors:

PRP XC series seats:

MTX Audio ProXP-20RC-Thunder5 5-speaker amplified audio system for 2020+ Polaris RZR Pro XP vehicles w/ Ride Command:, (800) 225-5689

Sector Seven Spectrum mirrors:

RSK (Rebel Style Kustoms) DOT full glass windshield:

RSK bed storage trunk

KC Hilites Gravity LED Pro6 lights:

Designed in-house wraps:

Wolf Designs wraps:

Prismatic Powder Illusion Orange powdercoat:

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