The Muc-Off electric pressure washer is different than most because it’s specially designed for powersports vehicles and bicycles. That means you won’t damage engines or suspension parts with the high-pressure spray if you use the washer as recommended. This is accomplished with the three included spray heads and the washer’s 1000-psi (1450-psi peak) pressure, which is less than larger washers. The Muc-Off pressure washer is $149.99, which is similar to other 1000–1500-psi electric pressure washers.

Three included spray heads let you choose the level of cleaning power that’s best for the area of the machine you’re working on.



The Muc-Off electric pressure washer is ready to use after attaching the handle with a few screws, connecting the water supply and plugging it in. For anyone who has struggled with a stubborn gas-powered pressure washer, and most get stubborn with storage and age, so the plug-in, turn-on nature of the electric machine is a big plus.

We began with the most aggressive of the three spray heads—the adjustable one—and found it worked well for hardened mud and other dirt. The Motorcycle spray head also delivers a high-pressure spray and removes stubborn dirt well. The Bicycle head supplies a wider, gentler stream and is intended for more delicate parts, like the engine and suspension. You still need to use care around the engine and suspension seals, but the less intense spray will help you avoid directing high-pressure water where you don’t want it.

The Muc-Off pressure washer’s lower, safer pressure and choice of spray heads can prevent costly damage to the engine, suspension and bearings, but you don’t get the cleaning power larger, higher-pressure machines offer. Even though the Muc-Off washer takes more time to clean seriously dirty vehicles than larger washers, it’s vastly more effective than attacking a dirty UTV with a garden hose alone. Muc-Off’s washer can also combine Muc-Off’s effective cleaning products with the high-pressure spray to get quicker, better-looking washing results.


The Muc-Off electric pressure washer isn’t the most powerful pressure washer, but it is safer, more affordable and more convenient than larger gas-powered washers. 

CONTACT: or your dealer.

RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $149.99

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