UTVs are big and take up a lot of real estate in your garage or in your backyard. We feel your pain. We often have up to a dozen UTVs to store and keep out of the weather. We’ve tried everything from used bed sheets and $5 tarps to high-end car covers or flimsy car ports. It turns out, covers specifically made for a UTV, like the Nelson-Rigg 4-Seat UTV Cover work the best.

A convenient zipper near the driver’s door allows you to slide in and check things inside while your car is being stored.



The Defender Extreme Pro is a high-quality UTV cover made from PVC and has a 100-percent waterproof, sun-blocking top side. The Nelson-Rigg UTV cover is not trailerable. The four-seat cover measures 148 x 68 x 69 inches, so it should cover most four-seaters except possibly the Can-Am Max and the new Polaris Pro R4. The four-seat cover costs $167.95; the two-seat covers sell for $145.95.


The Nelson-Rigg cover has a nylon strapping system to help keep the cover attached in windy conditions. A zipper near the driver’s door allows you to get inside the machine without removing the cover from the vehicle. The Rigg Gear logo is placed near the windshield area of your machine, so you quickly know which way to toss the cover over your UTV. When not in use, the cover lives in a small stuff sack that can fit behind or under your seat. It fits perfectly under the seat of our Honda Talon.


Whether you want to keep your machines out of the weather or out of sight, the Nelson-Rigg Defender Extreme Pro UTVcover can do that. We do a lot of overnight trips with hotel stops and weekends in the desert, so it’s nice to be able to stow the cover under our Honda Talon seat, then bring it out when needed. It’s typically windy where we ride, and we have never had the cover blow away or scratch our machine. The small stuff sack keeps it clean and stowed away when not in use. At home, we left our Honda in the sun for two months and have yet to notice any fading. Hopefully, that same quality lasts for the rest of the winter. Then, we will be sold for sure. ο

CONTACT: (714) 850-1811,

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $167.95

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